Thursday, March 17, 2016

Anna Grace 5 months old

Baby girl will be 6 months old tomorrow!!  I figured doing this post late was better than not at all.  :)

Seriously, could she get any cuter?!?!  We are so in love with this happy little lady. 

Weight:  About 14 pounds 
Since I'm so behind on this post, I can't really remember exactly what was happening 4 weeks ago.....this will be a short post!
Eating:  Baby girl started eating 6 ounces every feeding!  A trip to the store had to be made for bigger bottles!   
Anna Grace is now wearing a size 2 diaper and 6 month clothes.  She has a super long torso!  Some of the 3-6 month tops don't cover that cute belly.  
Around her 5 month birthday I went back to working full time, 4 days a week.  Anna Grace used to cry most of the way home from school, but has started doing so much better!  I think we are all getting used to our new routine.  She seems to be super happy at school.  She always smiles at her teachers when I drop her off in the morning, she eats well and is even taking a good, long lunch time nap.  This makes the working mom thing a lot easier! 

As you can see in the pictures above, she loves chewing on her hands and shirts (thus all the belly pics).  William never chewed on anything, or put anything in his mouth that didn't belong there.  Looks like this will not be the case for our little lady!
She has continued to be an easy going, super happy baby!  She has us all wrapped around her little fingers. xoxo

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