Sunday, December 4, 2016

Showering Anna Grace

Obviously, this post is super duper late.  LOL.  For whatever reason I forgot to post it all those months ago (June 2015 to be exact). 

My very best friends put together the sweetest baby shower for Anna Grace.  It was a hot summer afternoon in June filled with lots of pink!  At that point seeing tutus and bows still threw me off.  Deep down, I really didn't think Gordon and I would ever have a baby girl.  This party made me that much more excited for her arrival, and everything pink!   
Everything turned out perfect and her bow collection officially started (we just need her to get some hair now!).   

{Cristin, Alison, Me, Meredith, Rachel and Emily, not pictured: new mama Lindsey Z} {Gorgeous flowers and adorable cookies} {First monogrammed pillow} {Mimi and Nana} {27ish weeks}

We had such a great weekend celebrating Anna Grace!!!  There is truly nothing better than being surrounded by your family and friends.  Since this was around the time I was put on bedrest with William my nesting was in full force.  We spent the rest of the weekend painting Anna Grace's room, her furniture and hanging pictures on the walls.  When all the hard work was done we got to celebrate my dad's birthday!!!  It's a weekend I'll never forget. 

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