Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fun Times at the Lake

We spent William's first Labor Day at Possum Kingdom Lake with my family and a few friends!  This was our second year to go to PK Lake as a family and we had even more fun this year with the little guy.  Going to the lake is one of my favorites!  I think I love it so much because you don't have to get dressed up or wear makeup.  :)  We just hang out and relax.  We never have to get in a car, nobody cares what you look like and there are so many fun things to do on the lake....boat, jet skis, fishing!  I think William liked his first lake trip.  We slept in, took naps together, sat around outside playing, made smores, Gordon & I took some romantic evening rides on the jet skis
(haha), G fished at night off the dock and William went on his first boat ride.

Mommy & Daddy
William was with us last year...we just didn't know!

Loving the playmat Nana & Papa brought to the lake

Relaxing with Papa
William's first boat ride went great!  It will be even better next year when he's a little taller and he can wear sunscreen.  Anytime the boat was moving he was asleep!  I would like to add that I've never been so pale in my entire life.  LOL.  Even after a week at the beach and a long weekend at the lake I'm still pasty white!  That's life with a baby I guess.  :)   

I love that my brother and Gordon are buddies!!  Here they are getting ready to wake board.

William woke up to watch his Papa try to wake board....

....and he's up!  Way to go Papa!!!!!

Dustin and Skye brought their precious puppy, Boston.  How cute is he in his doggie life jacket?

Uncle Dustin is a natural!

He may be crying but he's still looking pretty cute in his shorts from aunt Em!

Cutest thing I've ever seen. 
I sure do love my family!  We had so much fun and can't wait for next year's lake trip.  Hopefully William will still be a good traveler.  He's been a dream so far.  He was awake for more than half the trip home to Houston but was happy looking around and listening to me read him some books.  I know one day he'll most likely hate his carseat so I'm trying to enjoy these "easy" days. 


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Melt My Heart

Saying goodbye to our sweet baby boy 4 mornings a week isn't always fun.  Yes, I'd like to eventually work part time....but there are days like today that make me remember why I love doing what I do!  We sure do have some sweet little boys coming into our clinic these days.  Here are a few things I've heard over the past couple days that keep me going....
  • I don't want these cancer bugs in me! 
  • Mom, after we get done with this needle poke can we go home and have no more problems?
  • Ms. Lindsey, will you please count to three?
  • I don't want a band aid because I'm a big boy!
Love every minute.  Just want to hug their little necks forever! 

Here's a sweet picture of our baby boy that melts my heart....

Holding onto daddy's ring
....Here's a photo of life as we now know it (at least during the weekdays after leaving town over the weekend...if you know me you know I hate a mess!).  Living the good life!  You do what you have to do.  :)

Bottles, bottles and more bottles


Monday, September 24, 2012

Belate Baby Shower

This past weekend we packed up the car and headed to East Texas!  Some wonderful women gave me a belated babyshower for little William.  He got lots of great stuff....clothes, a high chair, blankets, toys, a step stool with his name for when he's a big boy and lots of books!  The shower was Saturday morning at the Texarkana Country Club.  Everything was beautiful and the food was super yummy.  I think I ate a dozen of the petit fours.  YUM!  We are so blessed to have so many people that love our baby boy (and us :). 

Great Grandmother Grace got to spend some quality time with William!  She even fed him a bottle. 

While we were at the babyshower Gordon played golf with a few of his high school buddies.  That evening Gordon went hunting so William and I went and had mexican food with his grandparents and the Morelands.


It was opening weekend for bow hunting so all the Gooding boys were in town!!  Jackie and I are definitely outnumbered 5 to 1!!  William wore his cute camo outfit to get in the spirit....yeah for fall!
Dad and Brandon heading out to the farm to dove hunt
Baby boy doesn't sleep very well when there is a lot of activity so he didn't nap much on Saturday and woke up throughout the night.  Needless to say, I am one tired mama but so glad we got to see family and friends!!  Luckily, William slept the entire drive there and back! 

Please mom, don't make me do more tummy time!

Tummy Time before getting on the road Sunday morning.
I'm hoping to catch up on some sleep this Wednesday.  I've decided we aren't running ANY errands on Wednesday.  We are going to have a day of rest and relaxation. 


Thursday, September 20, 2012

5 months old

Another month has come and gone.  I just don't know where the time goes!!  There have been some big changes in the little man's life over the last 30 days.  William got to spend the last week in August with his mimi!  Gordon's mom (Mimi) came to Houston and spent the week with us and babysat William during the day.  He definitely stole her heart.  I've been around a lot of babies in my time (working in daycares and a church nursery all through college) and William is by far the best baby I've ever been around!  He is so laid back, sweet and just plain good.  We really got lucky in the baby department.  :)  The weekend after Mimi watched him we headed to the lake to meet my family.  After our fun labor day weekend William started daycare!  He's done great so far and the teachers really seem to love him.  The first 2 weeks he was always exhausted when he got home, but I think he's starting to adjust because this week he's not been nearly as tired.  Here are some pictures from our monthly photo shoot (which by the way he doesn't always love....he'll be smiling and laughing but as soon as the camera comes out he puts his serious face on.). 

5 month stats:
- I think about 11.5 pounds
Eating- 4 oz every 2-4 hours.  He eats every 2 hours when I'm home with him & every 3-4 at daycare. 
Sleeping- Most nights he sleeps 9 hours!  We usually have him in bed by 8:00 these days and 80% of the time he sleeps until 6 am.  He will randomly wake up crying in the middle of the night...I just put his paci in his mouth and he puts himself back to sleep.  I pick him up at daycare between 5-5:30, we are home by 6:00, he eats around 6:30, gets a bath, gets lotioned up and dressed, eats again and falls asleep.  I still put him in the swaddle blanket but there have been a few nights I didn't and he still seemed to sleep well.  His naptimes are getting a little more predictable.  Most days he takes an hour long nap in the morning and a two hour nap around 2:30.  He takes little cat naps here and there but is pretty alert and awake these days!
Development-  He's started reaching for things and recognizes me when I pick him up from school!  People still make comments about how small he is.  They can't believe he is so alert and can hold his head up so well for "such a small baby"....and then I tell them how old he is and that he was born early.  I feel like a broken record some days! 
Things mommy loves-  Listening to him talk is still the best!I LOVE my Wednesdays off with him. There's nothing better than cuddling with my boys.    
Things WJG loves- He likes to have a blanket on him in the car.  He grabs onto it like his life depends on it :).  He's always chewing on something and is constantly blowing bubbles.  He really gets a kick out of his "friends" on the playmat and loves laying in his crib watching his mobile. 
Things WJG doesn't like-  We've had a couple of days where he's cried when we put him in the bath tub.  Haven't figured out what that's about?!?  He rarely cries when we get him out of the tub and are getting him dressed (woohoo!).  He's still not a huge fan of tummy time.  Really, there isn't much that upsets this baby. 
Happiest Baby On The Block :)

Are we done with these pictures yet?

I'm gonna roll over now...because I hate this tummy stuff!

We have lots of fun stuff coming up over the next month!  My babyshower in Texarkana got canceled back in April since I was on bed rest so we are having a "sip and see" this weekend!  I'm so excited to have everyone meet the little guy.  My dad had to have an unexpected surgery this past week so my parents won't be able to make it to Texarkana for the party.  I really wanted to be there for my dad's surgery but it was so last minute that my mom insisted I stay in Houston....SO....I'm going to fly to Midland next weekend.  William has never been to West Texas so I'm super happy we get to make this trip.  He'll finally get to meet his great grandpa Hattenbach and hopefully my aunt Phyllis and a few other family friends.  An added's my church's annual fair that weekend!  I guess I'm a dork for being excited about going to the St. Ann's Fair for the first time in 10 years. 

Cheers to fall fun!!


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Has It Really Been Two Years?!?!

Two years ago, September 18, 2010, I married my best friend.  I can hardly believe two years have already flown by.  It really seems like just yesterday.  So much has happened in the last year!!!  Our relationship has changed so much.  I think we are stronger after everything we went through with William .  We love our baby boy to pieces and have cherished everyday we've had with him!!!  I told Gordon the other day that years ago I knew I could marry him because not only was he my best friend but I felt like we'd always be able to get through tough times.  I didn't go into marriage thinking it would all be easy or happy.  I knew we'd have our ups and downs BUT no matter what we'd work it out.  I couldn't ask for a more loyal, honest, trustworthy, responsible, kind and loving father and husband!!  ....and he makes me laugh :) 

Adriana (our nanny) watched William tonight while Gordon and I went out for a nice anniversary dinner.  I couldn't believe he was still awake when we got home at 9....guess he wanted to be in the picture and say goodnight to mom and dad!!  Life is good. 

With my blue eyed boys


Thursday, September 13, 2012

Life made easy....well easier

The day I registered at Baby's R Us I cried!  I know I know that's silly....but it's the truth.  I felt so overwhelmed with all the stuff!  What did we need?  What didn't we need?  What was safest?  What bottle would my baby like?  Would he take a paci?  Would I be able to breast feed?  System overload.  I'm sure the pregnancy hormones played a part in this too.  :)  I've posted some pictures below of the things we've REALLY used and loved.  Most of these things we didn't even have until after William was born.  I am SO Type A.  I love being organized and ready to go.  That all went out the window when I was put on bed rest.  No cleaning out closets or getting the nursery organized.  As a matter of fact the closets are still a mess!  Oh well, time with my baby is more important.  The weekend before I had William I cried because I just didn't feel ready and my mommy intuition told me he was coming out soon (eventhough nobody really believed me).  Gordon said he'd go get whatever we needed.  So, off he went to Baby's R Us to get diaper cream, a swaddle blanket and bath soap!  Poor guy.  That last month was rough. 

Nap Nanny = life saver:  There were some nights when we first brought William home that he would only sleep in this (or my arms).  I've tried really hard to not co-sleep.  I know it works for some moms but it terrifies me.  We still put him in his nap nanny while we eat dinner, do dishes etc.  We take it with us everywhere!  The lake, the beach, Texarkana....I found a nap nanny case on Amazon that you can zip the nap nanny up in so it can be checked as luggage.   

NoseFrida:  This is a nasal aspirator that you can buy at most baby boutiques (I got ours at Right Start in Rice Village).  I heard they even have them at some Targets now.  William's nose was so small when he came home that the normal bulb suctions didn't work for us until recently.  This little contraption is quick and easy.  He hates having his nose cleaned but I feel like this really gets everything out and then we are done.  It's also really easy to clean.

I know this isn't a baby product but man has this iPad has been great during late night feedings.  It keeps me busy and more importantly helps me stay awake!!

Restoration Hardware Baby Bassinet:  This bassinet was the first thing I bought when I found out I was pregnant.  A few people told me I was silly for spending so much on something that wouldn't be used much but it has been worth every penny!  It has wheels so I can roll it into other rooms.  In the mornings, after I feed William, I roll the bassinet into the bathroom so I can finish getting ready.  He loves to lay there and watch me or his little fishy music machine. This is still where William sleeps every night.  Once he starts rolling over/moving more and sleeping through the night more regularly we'll move him to his crib.   

Tommee Tipee Monitor and It'z Been:
The TT monitor has a sensor pad that William sleeps on.  I didn't think I wanted one of these but after having him in the NICU on monitors that constantly told me if he was breathing or not I knew I needed one (for my piece of mind).  It also tells us what the temperature in the room is and can be used as a regular monitor.  It really makes me feel better and helps me sleep at night.  It has gone off a few times.  A few of the times have been false alarms but a couple of them I had to give him a little shake before he took a big breath. 
The It'z Been is like a stop watch.  It has 4 different buttons that can be reset at any time.  I have loved having this!!  The first couple of months at home with William are a blur.  Time just runs all together.  Pump, feed, change, sleep, rock, change, pump, feed.....This helped me know when I'd last pumped, changed or fed him.  I still use it at night to keep track of how long he's slept and when he last ate.  Infants (0-8 weeks) should really never sleep through the night without eating...much less a preemie that weighs less than 5 lbs.  So, I would wake William up if he hadn't eaten in the last 4 hours.  This handy dandy little gadget was a life saver for me and it only cost $20!
The basket is from Thirty-One.  We have three bags from there.  We use this one in our room for his diapers, wipes, and cream.  We also have a bag in the living room with the same stuff plus his nail clippers, lotion, hand sanitizer and a few toys.  The 3rd bag we use as his daycare bag.  Gotta love a monogrammed Thirty-One bag and you can't have enough baby changing stations.  :)

Wubba Nub:  Love them all!  William will only take this type of paci (the green one).  It's what they used in the NICU so it's what he likes.  Thankfully, the Wubba Nub has the green paci on the end!  W really only uses his paci in the car or before he falls asleep.  He can grab onto the little animal to help keep it in his mouth.  Whoever invented this is a genius (and a millionaire by now)!

Bath seat:  I think I saw something about this seat being recalled....regardless, we have loved it!  I think some parents misuse these baby contraptions!  Newborn babies are like little bars of soap.  So slippery!  The seat helped both me and Gordon feel more comfortable about not dropping the little guy. 

First Year Sterilizers:  I used this constantly while we were in the NICU and now have it in our bathroom so I can clean the pumping equipment.  I sterilize the bottles in the kitchen (in a pot on the stove) but have loved having this upstairs.  Gotta keep things clean for the little guy!  Our bottle warmer is made by the same company and has been great as well.

Tommee Tippee bib:  These are the best bibs ever!  The fabric is thick and absorbent and they have a thick band around the neck to help catch stuff.  We have about a million of these. 
Look at that cute little face. He squints his right eye when he smiles just like I do.  :)

Playmat:  He has really gotten into the playmat over the last month.  He loves to lay under there and talk to his toys!  The mirror really helps make tummy time a little happier.  If you have a multi level house like we do having two of these wouldn't hurt!

I definitely couldn't live without my breast pump and hands free nursing bra!  Such a life saver for me and the little guy since he didn't start breast feeding until he was 2 months old.  I have the Medela pump and have no complaints.  I buy whatever milk storage bags are on sale.  They're all the same to me.  I started dumping the milk I pumped at work and anything William didn't eat when I was home because we ran out of room in the freezers.  I felt sad about it but Gordon assured me he couldn't fit anything else in there.  So, down the drain it all went.  Until last week....I am now feeding triplets.  LOL.  A distant family member that lives in Austin just had twins and isn't producing enough milk so I am giving her my milk....or maybe it's William's milk?!?!?  We mailed her about 500 ounces of frozen milk the other day on dry ice!  WOW!  I had been looking into donating it to TCH when she contacted me.  I'm so glad to be able to help those little babies out.  So, no more dumping milk for me.  We are going to keep the milk storage bag people in business!    

Up next....our trip to PK!

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