Friday, September 7, 2012

Flashback Friday #7

Week 22 & 23 (February 5-February 18 )

Mood- I was feeling happy and super productive!
How my body feels-  Feeling great.  My only complaint was my back hurting when I sat for a long period of time.  My pillow became my best friend!  Looking back now I think this was about the time that I should have started slowing down.  Maybe started semi-bedrest?!?!  Who knows.  I guess we'll know more the next go around. :)  I had a lot more tightness when I worked out...being my first pregnancy I thought it was all pretty normal.  Now I look back and wonder if I would have rested more (done less between 23-29 weeks) would it have kept me pregnant longer?
Weight gain-  At 23 weeks I was up 10 pounds.
Movement- I started playing lullabies to him in the evening and he would go crazy (now that he's here he still loves music....especially being sung to)!  I also noticed him moving a lot when I was exercising.  It felt like he would change positions.  I loved feeling him in there.  It was the best part of pregnancy.  My hands were always glued to my baby bump.  Even at night I would wrap my arm around my belly so I could feel him moving.  The first night without him in there was lonely.   
Exercise- Still going to Define, walking at the park and the gym.
Cravings- This is when I became addicted to peanut butter.  YUM.  To this day I'm still on a peanut butter kick. 
Sleep- Still up at 3 am to use the restroom. 
Doctor Appointment- We went back to the Maternal Fetal Medicine doctor on February 6th and they told me I had a bi-lobed placenta and that he was a beautiful baby :) (heart rate was 150).    The bi-lobed placenta never caused any issues.  They said the only thing to be careful of was after I delivered him....things took a little while longer than expected regarding that but everything was fine.  Since William and Gordon were in the NICU I stayed busy texting everyone with our surprising news of baby boy's arrival!  The only people we called were our parents when I went into labor....everything happened so fast!  1:30 am my water broke and 6:21 am baby boy was here.       
Important things this week- On Superbowl Sunday we went to church with my parents, my mom and I got pedicures and then we flew home in time to see the Giants win!  A couple days later, February 7th, I turned 30 years old!  Gordon took me to my favorite restaurant where I proceeded to stuff myself.  No wine = more cake.  The following week was super busy.  I had a work dinner at Eddie V's that was delicious.  I remember shopping around City Center and having a lot of contractions.  I started to get nervous until I realized I hadn't drank hardly any water all day.  I immediately started chugging water....I spend the entire work dinner in the restroom.  HAHA.  Have I ever mentioned that at every ultrasound appointment the doctor asked me if I had to use the restroom a lot because he was directly on my bladder!
That weekend Gordon and I met my parents in Kerrville and got my new car!!  So so excited to have a nice big "mom car". 


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