Friday, March 10, 2017

Anna Grace 17 months old

This little girly is just getting to be more and more fun (and more and more work...LOL).  She keeps us moving and laughing all day long!

Seriously, how cute is this little squishy thing of ours!  The pictures of her holding my phone crack me up.  She is looking at a picture of our family and getting excited about seeing daddy!  She kept saying, "Daaaadeeee!"

Weight:  25ish pounds
Eating:  Anna Grace drinks about 24 ounces of milk a day.  We switched her to lactose free at the beginning of the year (her random throwing up has stopped since we made the change!).  Otherwise, she drinks water (she's not a fan of juice which I'm happy with). Eating is still her favorite thing.  Her favorite fruit is watermelon.   She will finally eat strawberries too.  Meat is still her favorite along with maple syrup puffs!                
Development:  Mid-January Anna Grace went from taking steps to walking everywhere!  She has been pretty unsteady until the past week, but she get where she needs much faster now.  She has been trying to use a fork, but still gets confused about which side to poke the food with.  :)  
Clothes:  We moved baby girl up to a size 5 diaper and 24 month clothes fit best (she's so tall!).
Sleeping:  Anna Grace has done great in this department.  Asleep around 7:30, up between 6-7am and a 1-2 hour nap after lunch.  She has been a lot healthier over the last two months so this has helped our night time sleeping!          
Things She Loves:  Singing "If you're happy and you know it" and dancing!  She loves listening to music and swinging at the park!  She is still loving her baby dolls.  She pats their backs and feeds them bottles.  She loves sitting on the first step of the stairs and holding them.  She's also fallen in love with William's flash cards!   
Things She Hates:  Being tired!  Poor thing starts throwing her head back...pretty dramatic.      
Health:  Besides a yucky nose, baby girl has been pretty healthy over the last 2 months.
Anna Grace is still going to Physical Therapy once a week.  We saw her neuro-ophthalmologist in January and decided to try glasses for a couple of reasons, to straighten her eyes and to help with vision.  She has done great!  The only time she takes them off is when we are in the car.  If they come off she will try and put them back on herself.  :)  I have never been so impressed!!!  She is such an easy going little lovie!      
Other:  In the 2 months since my last update AG got 3 new teeth (one of which she chipped at school....which earned us 2 trips to the dentist).  She has continued to do great in her new room at school.  She comes running to us when we pick her up but she's always super excited when we get there in the morning.  She's started giving us the kisses too....with a big open mouth!  There is truly nothing better.  :)

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