Monday, September 28, 2015

38 weeks preggo with Anna Grace

I can hardly believe this is my last pregnancy update (this makes me happy and sad all at the same time...haha)!!  Baby girl finally decided to bless us with her presence on September 18th! 

How far along? 38 weeks (September 11th- September 17th)  
Weight gain:  Gained 2 pounds in 1 weeks  (up a total of 31 lbs)
Energy: Still feeling good.  I will admitted I wasn't getting much sleep due to the heart burn, frequent bathroom breaks, baby girls high level of activity from 9-11 pm, and William's nightly escape from his room.              
Best moment this week: We had a fun Sunday as a family of only 3.  William had a blast at Anthony's little gym birthday party and then we enjoyed our last dinner out at Dekkers!  Worst moment of the week -  William's first soccer practice!  Things did NOT go well.  (much more on that in another post)   
Movement:  She was most active from 9-11pm.  I really tried to cherish those evenings laying in bed feeling her squirm around.  It really is a once in a lifetime experience (well, twice).  
Food cravings:  Sweets and chips!!!!        
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope        
Miss anything? Sleeping on my back and stomach.  Bending forward had become nearly impossible.  For some reason this effected our nighttime routine with William the most....bath time, squatting down to help brush his teeth, helping him on/off the potty, crawling in and out of his bed to read books.  I was definitely moving slower.     
Stretch Marks?  Luckily, I dodged this bullet!!!      
Wedding rings on or off? Wedding band only.      
Happy or Moody? SO ready to meet this baby girl.  Being pregnant didn't bother me.  There wasn't anything that I hated (besides the worrying).   You always hear people say they are miserable at the end.  Luckily, I never felt this way.  I was just really ready to meet her, to see what she looked like, to see what her temperament was and to finally know how birthing her would go.  Every day that I woke up still pregnant, with little to no sign of her coming, I was shocked.  On Thursday, September 17th, I woke up a little sad because I was just sure I would go into labor that morning.  I dropped William off at school for his soccer class and ran over to Starbucks to read my book.  During that time I decided I was happy still being pregnant and there was no need to rush baby girl!           
Other pregnancy symptoms:  Not many (besides the usual).  The only time I had contractions was after lots of walking etc.  Nothing that lasted.  My poor mama had come into town when I had the cerclage removed (we were so sure baby girl would be born soon after).  After no signs of labor, she finally headed back to Midland on Saturday, September 12th.     
From the doctor:  I saw the Nurse Practioner on Monday, September 14th.  I was still only dilated 2cm, my cervix hadn't changed much but they could feel baby girls head when they checked me.  She was low!  Baby girl's heart rate was 142 and my blood pressure continued to hang around 100/60s.    

This child loved my big belly!
William loved putting his hand on my belly and yelling, "Anna Grace kicked me!"  With a huge grin on his face.  :)
Precious moments

Last dinner as a family of 3
Our last walk.....

So, at 38 weeks 6 days pregnant at 7pm things started to change.  I had spent that morning feeling a little sad we hadn't gotten to meet Anna Grace yet.  Little did I know she planned on coming VERY soon.  William and I had spent the day hanging out at the house together.  To be honest, it was the most unproductive day I've ever had.  I just figured I had another week before the baby would come so we might as well relax.  That evening, William and I went on a long (uncomfortable) walk.  When we got home I started making dinner.  Gordon got home shortly after.  I told him I was feeling a little funny all of a sudden.....sure enough, after a trip to the restroom I confirmed that maybe, just maybe baby girl would be coming sooner than later!  
AND, SURE ENOUGH, SHE DID!!!  Next up, Anna Grace's birth story!

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Thursday, September 17, 2015

37 weeks pregnant with Anna Grace

How far along? 37 weeks (September 4th- September 10th)  
Weight gain:  Gained 1 pounds in 1 weeks  (up a total of 29 lbs)
Energy: No complaints.            
Best moment this week: Super excited (and anxious) about getting the cerclage out!  It was nice having a 3 day weekend at home with my boys!  
Movement:  Still mostly at night.  
Food cravings:  I have an unhealthy addiction to candy corn.  Stupid Halloween candy!        
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope        
Miss anything?  I'm getting pretty excited about getting to wear my normal clothes again.  Obviously, it won't be right away but at least it gives me something to work for during maternity leave.     
Stretch Marks?  Nope.    
Wedding rings on or off? Wedding band only.      
Happy or Moody? Excited to think she'll be coming soon.  On the day of the cerclage remove I was a bit anxious.         
Other pregnancy symptoms: I'm not much of a believer of "pregnancy brain".  With that being said I started to doubt myself this week.  On swim day I forgot William's swim bag.  We came all the way home, got changed for swim and made it there in time just for me to realize I didn't bring a towel or a change of clothes to change William into after swim class.    
From the doctor:  I saw Dr. Zepeta on Tuesday, September 8th.  This is the day he took both of the stitches out.  It was pretty unpleasant but I was glad to have them out.  Doctor said labor could come at any time.  Most people go 1-2 weeks.  Afterwards, Gordon and I had a lunch date and then I saw the MFM doctor.  They measured baby girl again.  She was around the 23% and they estimated her to weigh 6 pounds.  Amniotic fluid still looks good.  

Since having the stitches removed I've been loving going on walks with William.  For so long I was told to take it easy, not to exercise and to stay off my feet when at home.  I was terrified of going into labor with the stitches it.  Ripping and bleeding just sounded awful.  The walks bring on lots of contractions but unfortunately nothing that lasts.


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Friday, September 11, 2015

Maternity Pictures of Anna Grace

In my opinion, there is nothing cuter than a baby bump.  What the human body can do is truly amazing!  It is such a gift from God to be able to grow a tiny little life inside of you.  As I've said before, this will most likely be my last pregnancy.  What better way to remember this special time than with some awesome photos.  Our wedding photographer, Morgan Lynn, took maternity pictures when I was pregnant with William.  I felt like I had to be fair and give Anna Grace the same thing!  She will, after all, probably appreciate these pictures more than William will one day.

Getting Gordon in front of the camera is never an easy task.....but he did pretty good and I love how the pictures turned out.  I will cherish them forever!  Here are a few of my favorites.  

{My kimono is from Pink Blush Maternity.  I love that I'll be able to wear it even when I'm not pregnant!}

Ever since we found out we were having a baby girl William has been picking pink flowers for us.  Anytime he sees a pink flower he says it's for mama and Anna Grace!  He is really looking forward to bringing us pink flowers to the hospital.  :)  So glad Morgan captured some pictures of Anna Grace's baby bump with pink flowers in them!!!
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Sunday, September 6, 2015

36 weeks pregnant with Anna Grace

I can hardly believe I made it this far!  36 weeks has always been Gordon's goal (for both William and Anna Grace).  We actually made it to this one.  :)

How far along? 36 weeks (Augusts 28th - September 3rd)  
Weight gain:  Gained 1 pounds in 1 weeks  (up a total of 28 lbs)
Energy: I'm tired, but this is due to waking up so often at night.  I go to bed by 10 and I'm up for the day between 5 and 6am.          
Best moment this week: Got to see all of Gordon's side of the family over the weekend.    
Movement:  I've said it a thousand times.  I. Can. Not. Wait. For. This. Stitch. To. Come. Out.  Everytime baby girl moves she presses on the stitch.  The bigger she has gotten, the more uncomfortable it has become.  I talked to a women the other day that had a cerclage as well.  She said she felt so much better after the stitch was more weird stuff down there.  September 8th can't get here fast enough.  
Food cravings:  Chinese food.  Fried rice sounds amazing!  I guess it's a good thing Gordon doesn't like Chinese food.  Otherwise, I would have had it for dinner every night!        
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope        
Miss anything?  Not having heartburn all the time.  :)  I may be exhausted once baby girl gets here, but at least I won't have to deal with the heartburn!  
Stretch Marks?  Fingers are still crossed.  
Wedding rings on or off? Wedding band only.  I've been a lot puffier lately.    
Happy or Moody? Happy and ready.  I wasn't ready for William to come.  Gordon and I were terrified in the delivery room.  Was he going to be too small, not able to breath, have long term side effects due to his prematurity, etc, etc.  I can now say I've carried a baby to term and felt ready for her to come out and meet us.  Of course, we will still have anxiety in the delivery will just be a different kind for different reasons.       
Other pregnancy symptoms: On a good note, my back has felt much better over the last 2 weeks!  Just walking up the stairs makes me short of breath. :)  I'm always opening doors into my belly and misjudging how much this belly pokes out.  haha.  This belly is definitely bigger than William's!  Like Dr. Zepeta expected, some of the weight has been taken off the stitches (since her head has gotten bigger).  My hips/pelvis have been able to take on some of this pressure.  My hips do feel more achy....I prefer this to what has been occurring!  
On Tuesday from 2pm-8pm I had pretty regular contractions (10 minutes apart).  They weren't too painful, just uncomfortable.  Gordon kept asking me if she was coming that night.  At one point he said the birthing process was "the scariest thing he'd every gone through".  LOL.  The man cracks me up.  I think he's afraid I'll go into labor during Houston rush hour traffic and he'll have to deliver a baby in the backseat of the car.  
From the doctor:  I saw Dr. Zepeta on Thursday, September 3rd.  Eventhough, he'd told me the stitch could come out on this day he changed his mind since we were going into the holiday weekend and he'd be out of town.  Thankfully, Gordon and I had already decided to wait until Tuesday to have it taken out (since my family would be at the lake and all of our friends would be out of town and unable to help with William if I did go into labor).  Obviously, Dr. Zepeta thinks I'll go into labor fairly quickly after the cerclage is removed.  Time will tell.  Nobody really knows?!?!  He did check me and said she is laying right there on top of the stitch (thus the funny feelings down there).    
Can you tell he's kissing my belly in the last picture?!?!  He loves his Anna Grace.
Even with all of the aches, pains, and sleepless nights I really do enjoy being pregnant.  Feeling her kicking around in there is the neatest thing, uncomfortable at times, but one of the best things in the world!  It is truly amazing what the human body can do.  But, as much as I love this big belly I can not wait to meet this baby girl!  Thinking about what she'll look like and what kind of personality she'll have makes me so excited.  :)

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Saturday, September 5, 2015

35 weeks pregnant with AG

How far along? 35 weeks (Augusts 21st-August 27th)  
Weight gain:  Gained 2 pounds in 2.5 weeks  (up a total of 27 lbs)
Energy: Not too bad.  I've had random nights of insomnia.  That doesn't help the sleepiness that kicks in mid-day.        
Best moment this week: Got the house super clean over the weekend.  We are ready for baby girl!  
Movement:  She can really get my belly moving all around.  William loves to put his hand on my belly and say, "She's kicking me!" (he says this even when she isn't moving, when she does give him a kick his eyes get really big!)
Food cravings:  I've been trying to avoid Mexican food.  It sounds delicious but the heart burn is a killer.  Carbs always sound the best....especially cereal and puffy cheetos!        
Anything making you queasy or sick: I have random mornings of not feeling well.  But, overall I can't complain.        
Miss anything?  Getting up off the couch and out of bed without grunting.  Haha.  This ever expanding belly makes things a little harder (putting shoes on, squatting down to help William with things)  
Stretch Marks?  No :)
Wedding rings on or off? Mainly just wearing my wedding band.  
Happy or Moody? I was pretty emotional at the very end of this week.     
Other pregnancy symptoms: On Wednesday afternoon, with a 4 day weekend ahead of me, while driving to get William at school I started having right upper abdominal pain.  It came out of no where.  Every hour that past it got worse and worse.  Finally, at 9pm I called the doctor.  He told me to go to the hospital to get checked out.  I made the drive into the med center that night while Gordon waited by the phone to see if he needed to join me at the hospital.  They monitored my contractions and the baby for 30-40 minutes and drew labs.  I was having contractions but nothing painful and nothing too regular.  Baby girl tolerated them all well.  My lab work came back normal.  I got home around 1am and tried to get some sleep.  When I woke up the next morning the pain had moved to the center of my stomach, at the top of my uterus.  It hurt to breath and was super uncomfortable.  I went in that morning for my scheduled appointment with Dr. Zepeta.  I was really hoping he'd take the stitches out but he didn't want to.  He did check to make sure he could still see the stitches (since he could, I should be able to get these removed in the office).  They decided the pain was probably just muscles pulling.  I left the office in tears.  I'd had my heart set on getting these stitches out.  It didn't help that I could barely take a deep breath and I'd gotten little to no sleep the night before.  So, I headed back home, picked up William at school and took a nap!  When I woke up the pain had moved over to the left side of my stomach.  The next morning it was completely gone!  So bizarre.  SO glad it went away.       

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Thursday, September 3, 2015

34 weeks pregnant with Anna Grace

How far along? 34 weeks (August 14th-August 20th)
Energy: Feeling pretty good.
Best moment this week: Getting more "to dos" checked off our list!  New air filters, new water filter, Gordon got a new phone....
Movement: She's still my little night owl
Food cravings: We've continued on a sno-cone crazy around here.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Finally feeling better.
Miss anything? An ice cold beer.  I don't really even drink beer, but it sure did sound good when we were at a pool party over the weekend.
Stretch Marks? Nope. :)
Wedding rings on or off? On 
Happy or Moody? Happy.  I did cry after my appointment with the maternal fetal medicine doctor on Monday.  The driving into the med center after work for these appointments is wearing on me.  
Other pregnancy symptoms: My hips started to really hurt this week.  I guess the weight of baby girl is causing this.  The arch of my left foot has also been hurting?!?!  I obviously haven't been running marathons....let's be honest, I don't do much physical activity due to my light duty status at work and pelvic, who knows what's causing this?!
From the doctor: I saw the maternal fetal medicine doctor on Monday.  He does an anatomy scan every time I see him to see how big baby girl is.  He had a really hard time getting her head measured because she is SO low down there.  He even had me drink a ton of water and walk around before trying again.  He thought if my bladder was full it would push baby girl up (I could have told him this wouldn't work, but I gave it a shot).  Sure enough, it didn't help anything.  Anna Grace weighs a little under 5 pounds and is around the 33rd percentile for size.  You could see her in there practicing breathing.  I just wish we could see her face!  Soon enough.  ;)    

Baby is the size of a cantaloupe

We got a baby doll for William to "practice on".  He named her Anna Grace.  :)  He's dropped her on her head and tends to stick the bottle in her eye.  LOL  It will be interesting to see how he does with the real Anna Grace!  He did cover her up with his blanket the other day.  At least he's okay with sharing some.

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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Anna Grace's Nursery

It's A of the first things to cross my mind (after the shock of not being a boy only mom) was how I'd decorate her room!  I always thought I'd go with lavender instead of pink.  Obviously, that changed.  :)
Back in November we had the carpet pulled up and this gray tile put down (we used Thorntree).  Gordon thought it was a waste of money, but I really wanted something different for the next baby room.  {After just having a miscarriage I won this one} I knew it would look great for a boy or girl....and I was right!  The floor is one of my favorite things about the room.  After months of looking at blogs and pinterest I started actually ordering things for baby girl's room.  At 16 weeks preggo the crib was moved into her room, 25 weeks we painted the walls and 2 pieces of furniture and by 30 weeks it was all done!  I can't say it enough, I love, love, love how it all came together.  Her room has probably become my favorite room in the house! 

Here's a little peek at our little lady's room! 

The bassinet will be moved to our room when baby girl arrives.  The crib, chair and ottoman were from William's nursey.  And, the fluffy white rug is probably the softest thing I've ever laid on! 

I may still change some stuff on the bookshelf....but, for now it works!  The two Madame Alexander dolls were mine as a little girl.  Things like this are what make me excited to have a little girl.  Being able to share my memories and favorite girly things will be so fun.  My favoite thing on the bookshelf is the custom hoop art.  I just love how it turned out!!!  Seeing her sweet grandmother's names never gets old.   

Here are some of the room details:

Paint: Sherwin-Williams Angelic
Bed:  Bratt Decor
Mobile:  Etsy Rocky Rocks Design
Mirror, Flower Painting and Lamps:  Uttermost
Chandelier:  Restoration Hardware Baby Dauphine Crystal Pendant
Art above Dresser:  Sugarboo (Heart), Sugarboo (love you madly)
Clock:  Hobby Lobby
Seagrass Ash Stoage Collection Diaper Caddy:  Restoration Hardware Baby
Nightstand:  High Fashion Homes (similar) (similar)
Pink Agate Gemstone Coaster:  Etsy
Headband Holders (on nightstand):  Potterybarn Teen
Hoop Art: Bloom Prints Studio (this is a link to her Instagram)
Books:  Puffin Girls Classic Collection  {this is my other favorite thing in her room! #booknerd}
Turquoise Lantern: Z Gallery
Bunny Nightlight:  Restoration Hardware Baby

I've had so much fun getting her room all put together.  Now we just need our little bundle of joy to come out and enjoy it with us!

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