Thursday, April 27, 2017

Baby Girl 18 months old

Still in shock that we no longer have an infant!  I mean, when did she get so old?!?!  

Weight:  25 lbs 6 oz (82nd percentile) Up to 3lbs in 3 months
Height: 32.5 inches (79th percentile) Up 1.5 inch in 3 months
Head: 44 cm 

Eating:  Anna Grace still loves to eat!  She drinks about 24 ounces of milk a day and will never turn down food.  She doesn't like when you try and feed her with a spoon....she's too independent for that and is trying really hard to master using the spoon on her own.  A month or so ago she started to eat more fruit.  Although she still doesn't love bananas she will now eat strawberries and blueberries!  Watermelon is her #1 favorite.  Every Sunday Gordon makes steaks.  This is her absolute favorite!  Steak, sweat potatoes and asparagus = happy Anna Grace.  Her favorite vegetables are green beans, broccoli, carrots, lima beans and asparagus.  She doesn't like pancakes but of course will always say yes to a donut on special occasions.           
Development:  This girl is doing better and better every week!  She rarely walks because she is always running!  Over the last few weeks she has started being more vocal.  Still not a whole lot of words but at least more sounds.  She makes a noise for a dog that sounds more like a howl and then makes a funny quacking sound for a duck.  I swear she's been saying her name the last few days.  She can scribble with a crayon and has mastered the stairs (we are still working on getting down them safely).    
Clothes:  Size 5 diaper and 24 month clothes (some 18 month stuff fits but 24 is best).  She wears a size 4 or 5 in shoes (depending on the shoe).    
Sleeping:  Anna Grace has continued to do great sleeping all night and taking a two hour nap around 12-2.  Her bedtime routine is drinking her milk, brushing her teeth, reading a book while we rock her and then putting her to bed wide awake.  95% of the time she falls right asleep without a peep.  She usually goes to bed around 7:30pm (depending on baseball games and my work schedule) and wakes up between 6am-7am.  We of course still have rough nights.  She was awake from 1-4 am the other night.  Luckily, those are few and far between.         
Things She Loves:  The things she loves hasn't changed much.  Babydolls, her purse, anything William is playing with, the remote control and books are her favorites.  Her obsession with the stairs has luckily decreased.  This child LOVES reading.  While I do dishes she will sit in her chair holding her baby while she reads a book.  She is constantly coming to us holding a book that she wants you to read to her.  This sure makes my heart happy!!!  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to read and can't wait to share this with her as she gets older.  She is always waving hi and loves to give kisses and hugs.  She loves all of her shoes and is trying so hard to put them on by herself.  When she isn't wearing her glasses she loves playing with her pretty long eyelashes.  She loves to be tickled and to spin in circles.    
Things She Hates:  This girl knows what she wants and is very independent.  When she doesn't get her way she gets MAD!  I've never seen such a little thing throw such a fit.  She's hot or cold.  One minute she can be so mad at you, fist balled up hitting everything in her path, and the next she's being a sweet little cuddle bug.  She still tries to bite you if she is mad but she doesn't do it to cause pain (she never leave a mark)....I think she does it to get your attention.  Not being able to verbalize things has been frustrating for her.  "Gentle baby" is still used frequently in our home.  William is so patient and good with her.  Today he told her, "Crying is what babies do.  It's okay Anna Grace."                  
Health:  Things are going really well in this department.  Sweet thing has been doing great!!  She did have a random fever one morning but it never turned into anything.  Besides teething we have no complaints from her.  :) 
Anna Grace is still doing Physical Therapy once a week and loving Ms. Laura.  I'm proud to say she is doing great wearing her glasses.  She only time she takes them off is in the car!  We go back to Neuro-Ophthalmology in a few weeks to see how they've helped.      
Other:  Our little lady is getting more and more hair, but still not enough for a bow.  She has 12 teeth and I think 2 of her bottom teeth are about to make an appearance.  She still has a special place in her heart for her daddy and everything William does is funny to her.  She loves going to William's baseball games!  She spends half the time waving at everyone from her stroller and the other half runny around laughing because we are chasing after her.  She has recently fallen in love with dogs.  If a dog comes on TV she gets super excited and starts laughing/screaming and saying "owwww" (her barking noise).  I can't wait to see how she does with my parents dogs the next time we are in Midland.  We are finally able to get her to sit "still" on the couch for a few minutes at a time.  :) 

This little cutie pie keeps us on our toes, but she sure does make us happy.  She is a high energy child that I wouldn't trade for anything!  It's pretty awesome to watch her and her older brother, and their OH SO DIFFERENT personalities, grow and change together.

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