Saturday, May 31, 2014

Not In College Anymore

....and thank goodness for that because I hate test taking!!  In October 2006 I took the CPHON exam (certified pediatric hematology oncology nurse exam) for the first time.  This should have been my last time but like a dummy I let my certification expire in 2010.  I was so busy planning our wedding and buying our first home that it just wasn't on the top of my priority list.  So, a year ago I decided I'd give the test another go.  Things have changed a little bit from 2006.  Husband, toddler, a job at a different hospital and 10 years out of was definitely challenging to get back into "study mode" a month ago when I started preparing for the exam!   
Yesterday was the big day!  I dropped William off at daycare, grabbed a cup of coffee at Starbucks and headed downtown to take the CPHON exam.  185 questions and 100 minutes later I was thrilled to see PASS pop up on the screen.  YIPPEEE!!  I will not be letting this one expire because test taking is for the birds.
Back in 2006 I was a single gal living in Midtown.  I celebrated that night at my one of my favorite restaurants, Ibiza, with a college guy friend (at the time Gordon was just a college memory that hadn't reappeared in my life).  Now nearly 8 years later I celebrated with my guys at home and then had a celebratory drink with one of my favorite co-workers out here in the burbs! 
I'm so happy to have passed and to have the test behind me.  Now I can focus on enjoying SUMMERTIME with lots of pool time, trips to the lake, reading and catching up on blogging!

Up next....our annual trip to Rosemary Beach!!  Here are the links to two of our past trips to 30A.


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Easter Weekend

William was an Easter egg finding pro this year!  We hid eggs all over the yard all weekend long.  It was a great way to entertain the little guy, get some energy out of him, and get some fresh air.  The weather was beautiful the entire weekend. The Gooding boys spent a lot of time out at the farm doing guy stuff and the girls played, played and played some more with William outside.....bubbles, trucks, chalk, bean bag toss, balls, wagons and books!

{best family photo we could get}  {he loved the candy Mimi hid in the eggs}  {happy boy ready for church}  {doing work with Grandad}  {Easter basket} 
 {checking out the flowers after lunch at TCC}  {golf with Dad}  {loves his mimi}

We couldn't have asked for a more perfect, beautiful Easter weekend.  Even the drive home went well!!


Thursday, May 15, 2014

Beach Attire

Can you tell I'm getting excited about our upcoming vacation to the BEACH?!?!  I wish I could buy new bathing suits and a new outfit for every day that we spend at the beach!  Obviously, Mr. G wouldn't approve of that.  But, a couple of new items to mix and match with things I already have will work just fine.  :)
I like to browse the internet before I head to the stores to actually shop.  This helps give me a better idea of what I like and what to keep my eye open for.  Being in such a large city there is lots to choose from!  I would love to just buy everything online but I have an un-proportional body...especially when it comes to bathing suit shopping (it's even worse since having a baby and nursing for 18 months).

Anyways, back to the beach clothes that I've been eyeing....

1- I love this bathing suit from Free People.  The bandeau top is perfect for a smaller busted person and I love the colors and floral print! 
2- Adore this outfit from Banana Republic.  So classy.  If I didn't have a toddler, that can make a hot mess in a matter of minutes, I'd probably already have it in my closet.  The straw bag would be a perfect beach accessory and my new Kendra Scott tassle necklace would add the perfect pop of color for summer time. 
3- Airy blouse + white jeans = perfect combo for a date night on the beach!
4- I've always been a lover of cover ups....that love has quadrupled since having a kid.  Sometimes less skin is better!  I don't know about your kids but mine is always grabbing at me and pulling on my clothes.  Having a light coverup on while playing in the sand is the way to go (you don't end up flashing everyone, you stay cool and you still get some sun).
5- I'm not a huge hat wearer but this one from Anthropologie is super cute!!  Great way to protect that sensitive skin on your face (think wrinkle and cancer prevention) and look good while you're doing it.
6- Love these Edgewood wedge sandals from Anthropologie.  The coral and cork go great together.  They'd look fabulous with the bathing suit, coverup and even outfit #2.  I may just have to purchase these!  It'd be $65 well spent.        

Happy summer shopping everyone!  What's on your wish list?!?!?

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mommy's Day

Today is the third Mommy's Day that William, Gordon and I have celebrated together!  Having a child of your own gives you a whole new appreciation of what a parent's job really is like.  It's the best job there is.  Hands down.  It can also be the most terrifying.  You are after all responsible for another humans well being, their future, their safety, building their morals, etc, etc, etc.....

 He makes me better.  He makes my heart smile every single day.  One of the greatest gifts Gordon could have ever given me was a child.  I'm thankful that God chose William to be mine.  He's full of energy and brings so much happiness into our home.  I love seeing his little shoes sitting on the stair case at the end of the day and picking up all his trucks that are scattered about.  Our home wouldn't be complete without him.  Every minute is a blessing.  Being in the profession I'm in makes me even more aware of that.  

Thanks to my own mom (and dad) for being so fabulous.  I didn't really appreciate my parents greatness until I was a parent myself!  

Can you believe how big he is now?!?!?!  I sure can't.  We had a great day today.  We started our morning off at church and then headed into town.  We went to one of our old favorites...Memorial Park!  Yummy burger, milkshake and a walk around the park.  This momma even got a nap later in the day thanks to daddy.  Let's be honest, there's no better gift than sleep!  :)
Happy Mommy's Day to everyone!!!


Saturday, May 10, 2014

Summer Reading

Summer is around the corner and my pale body couldn't be happier!  There is no better way to sun bathe than to have a good book in your hand (and an adult beverage in the other!).  Since our annual beach trip is right around the corner I decided I needed to start thinking about what book I'm going to read.

Before I had baby boy I read a lot!  It really is one of my favorite things to do....has been since I was a little girl.  In elementary school I loved The American Girl books.  That was followed by Goose Bumps and then Nancy Drew, yes, I'm a dork at heart.  Hopefully, once I'm done studying for the CPHON exam I can make some more time for one of my favorite hobbies! 

So, here are a few books on my Summer Reading List

1. love. love. love Emily Giffin (she and Jodi Picoult are 2 of my favorites at the moment).  This will be my beach book.  Her books are easy reads, funny and usually very relatable.  Love The One Your With is probably one of my favorites by E. Giffin.  I can't wait to upload her newest book to my Kindle!  Actually, I may just buy the real book.  There's something about turning the pages of a book while laying on the beach listening to the ocean that's so peaceful.  Heaven on Earth!

2. My mom says that Heaven is For Real is a must read.  It's about a little boy's trip to Heaven and back.  This will be right up my pedi-oncology-nursing alley!  I'm sure I'll cry my eyes out. 

3.  Eat That Cookie by Liz Jazwiec.  This is a book I wouldn't typically read, but I recently heard Liz speak at TCH and she's hilarious.  Why she's a nurse and not a stand up comic I don't know?!?!  Her book talks about creating a positive workforce during negative times.  Let's be honest folks....who couldn't use a little extra positivity!  Doesn't matter if you're a nurse, stay at home mom, or attorney.  Everyone can use a little extra sunshine in their day. 

4. Mary Higgins Clark and I go way back.  When I'd read all the children's mystery books that had been published back in the 90s I moved up to MHC.  I'm always happy to see a new book with her name written across the front.  Again, easy read and a little mystery to them!  I love wanting to read a book faster and faster to see what's going to happen. 
5. Divergent.  I love reading a book and then seeing the movie.  It just doesn't work out the other way around.  When this hit theaters I did some googling.  Sounds like it has a bit of a love story and has been compared to The Hunger Games.  I'm sold.  The Hunger Games and The Twilight books are my favorites.  Again, yes, I'm a nerd.

As you can see I don't take my reading very seriously.  Reading is my me time, my "down time".  I don't want to be depressed or have to think too hard.  :)  I want to laugh and be taken into the story. 

What's on your summer reading list?  I'd love more book suggestions!


Thursday, May 8, 2014

Champagne Anyone?

This past weekend we celebrated my best friend's 30th birthday!  Months ago her sister and husband asked if I'd help with her surprise party.  DUH, of course I will!  I dream about being a party planner so this was right up my alley.  Thankfully, my momma came into town to help get things with our little buddy.  He's become our #1 clinger so having her in town was awesome.
By the time Saturday night rolled around Alison knew we were all up to something but she had no idea everyone would be at my house waiting for her.  We had the best night "Drinking Champagne And Dancing On The Tables!"

With the Birthday Girl

My Meggo even made it into town!

Lindsey and Lindsey
I had so much fun getting everything together for the dessert/mimosa bar table!  We had orange, white grape and grapefruit juice to add to the champagne.  YUM!

  • Mini cupcakes and banner made by yours truly (cookies by a local lady!). 
  • Napkins from Swoozies
  • Table runners from Michaels
  • The picture station gold ribbon came from Party City and I made the banner (I know it looks small here but I wanted to be able to see it when we were standing in front for pics)
  • Photo props bought off Etsy but would be super easy to make!

College Roomies = Fabulous Night 

My Nursing Buddies!

I'm so blessed to have such great friends!  These ladies mean the world to me.  They have been through some of the best and worst times of my life with me.  They have loved me for me over the last 14 years!  I'm so happy that my mom was able to be there with us.  Just one more fabulous night to add to our list.  :)


Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Beach is in Our Near Future

Our next annual beach trip with the Gooding family is right around the corner!!  So, I figured I should finally post the beach pictures we had taken last July.  The files for each of these pictures is huge....for whichever reason they look a little blurry and the colors look blah since I uploaded them on the blog?!?!  Who knows.  It's better than nothing.  :) 
I LOVE these pictures.  Great memories and a few of them really captured William's silly personality.  The photographer we used was sweet but it took her nearly 4 months to get me the digital files and 10 months for the actual prints that we ordered.  She did a good job but I wouldn't use her again.   

Daddy's Little Buddy
The Gooding Guys
2013 Christmas Card

Sweet Baby Toes
The Goodings ~ July 2013
Silly Little Guy!
15 months old
Happy Baby Boy
I can't believe these pictures were taken nearly a year ago!  Time needs to slow down.  I can hardly wait to sink my toes into the sand in a few weeks!!  I'm even more excited to see how William does this year (and to get some sun on this body).  We are going to have a blast.  :)

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