Friday, September 27, 2013

Rosemary Beach Part 2

Here's part 2 of our Rosemary Beach Vacation!

Life doesn't get much better than this!  Gordon and I had a fun lunch date at a neaby sushi place that was super yummy.  We also had a breakfast date at our favorite little café.  It's so nice to spend timetogether without any distractions.  We sure do love time with our little buddy but you gotta have some alone adult time every once in a while.  And let's be honest....William's grandparents love alone time with him too! 
If we weren't eating or at the beach you could find us doing this.....

I'm by no means an expect on 30A (my sister in law is though!) but I thought I'd post some of our favorite places. 
Our 30A Restaurant Itinerary:
Aqua Sushi:  This was our lunch date spot.  It's right in the middle of RB "downtown" area.  They had yummy avocado bowls and lobster nests.
Caliza Poolside Restaurant:  This restaurant's ambiances is fabulous!  If you're looking for a quiet beautiful place to have a cocktail with your honey.  THIS IS YOUR PLACE.  It's located in Aly Beach (one mile from RB). 
Great Southern:  Is located in Seaside.  You can ride your bike to Seaside (we've done it before) but it's a work out!  RB to Seaside is an easy 15 minute drive.  We went to Great Southern last year.  They had great grits and mojitos! 
Summer Kitchen Café:  This is by far our favorite breakfast spot.  It's right by the bike shop in Rosemary Beach.  They have the best French Toast and Breakfast Burritos. 
Cowgirl Kitchen :  Another must go!  Yummy, yummy, yummy.  Every year, by the end of the week, the waitress knows us.  Not only is their food delicious everyone is so friendly.  Some days we just stop in for a beer and appetizer.  The crab dip is terrific.  We get a ton of it to-go for the house during the week. 
George's :  I mentioned George's in my last post.  It's an adorable little cottage located in Aly Beach.  Nothing is bad on the menu.  I usually get the fish tacos but this year had a chicken wrap so I could share with W.  It's was super yummy.  Their sweet tea is something to write home about.  :) 
Paradis:  Mommy Notice....they don't have high chairs.  haha.'s a great date night restaurant with a great selection of seafood, steak and chicken.  We took William here on our first night and he did great.  We just sat outside in case things got crazy. 
Bud and Alley's:  This restaurant/rooftop bar is located in Seaside.  They have a gorgeous view and cute t-shirts!  We haven't gotten the chance to go here in the past two years (since our infamous bike ride).  It's a great place to grab a drink while you're doing some shopping in Seaside.
Stinky's:  located in Santa Rosa.  Yummy fish tacos and curly fries! 
The Red Barn:  We went here our first year to RB.  Located in Grayton Beach it's a 30 minute drive.  Great place if you're looking for live entertainment and fun bar.   

Family Photo on Day 1

Picking Daddy up

Last full day on the beach
Deep sea fishing
Before going to Rosemary Beach I knew we'd want to have a "grown up" night out.  One of my girlfriends vacations in RB and had mentioned using a nanny service.  Here's her post about her trip to 30A.  She shared the nanny's info with me which I quickly used to get something booked.  We ended up using them, Nanny Can, on the Tuesday evening that we were in Rosemary Beach.  I asked for someone with experience...they ended up sending one of their managers who passed all 8 adults "inspection".  We didn't leave until it was William's bedtime so all she had to do was give him a bottle and put him in the pack-n-play.  I'll be honest, I get pretty anxious about leaving baby boy but I was able to have fun.  We all hopped on our bikes and rode over to Caliza's.  The weather was perfect, the wine was delicious and the company wasn't too bad either.  :)  I'm so blessed to have such amazing in-laws! 
I can't say enough how much I love Rosemary Beach.  The weather is always so nice, the beach is beautiful, it's quiet and the town is adorable with great restaurants.  Ashley and Brandon are able to drive from Birmingham and bring all the supplies for the annual fish fry.  It's perfect.  Next year will be even more fun with William!
Here's a few pictures from our little family photo session.  William wasn't too into it....
It's so crazy to see how much a child changes in a year!!  Hope everyone had a great summer too.  We are ready for FALL!


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