Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Annual Family Lake Trip

This past weekend we headed to the lake for my family's 3rd annual Labor Day lake vacation.  The first two years we went to PK Lake but this year decided to change it up a bit and visit Canyon Lake.  The drive for us was much shorter than going all the way north of Dallas so that was a plus.  It was a beautiful lake with crystal clear water that was the perfect temperature.  The lake reminded me more of an ocean!  The only down side to Canyon Lake was there weren't any docks.  There was only one dock for all the boats/jet skis needing to get onto or off of the lake.  So, we had to pick a time each day to go out riding around.  We spent Saturday just lounging around, playing in the pool and eating lots of yummy food.  Gordon, Skye, and Dustin played 9 holes of golf on Sunday morning and then we spent the rest of the day riding around on the boat.  William is definitely a lake baby.  He napped, snacked on cheese and crackers, took a swim in the cool water, watched the other kids jump off the boat and just lounged around taking the beautiful scenery in.  My parents watched William for a few hours while Gordon and I got some much needed adult time on the lake.  xoxo
The reason I love the lake so much is....I don't ever have to get dressed up!  Everyone just lounges around, visits, swims, and naps.  It's always a restful and relaxing weekend!  

Tired baby on a boat makes for the perfect nap time!

As you can see William had a blast riding around on his fire truck!  

  • The boys played a lot of pool.
  • Daddy pushing baby boy around. 
  • William learned to play cards. :)
  • The water was amazing so we did some swimming.
  • I'm on a boat!
Pretty view from the balcony

Sweet Moments

I so love their blue eyes!
On our drive to the lake the new Blake Shelton song, "Mine Would Be You", came on.  Part of the lyrics say, "What's the greatest chapter in your book?"  I ask G what his was and he said, "I'm living it right now."  LOVE THAT MAN.  He may not be the most romantic man on the planet but he is the sweetest and kindest.  I adore his calm personality, the way he loves and takes care of William and me and his loyalty to his family.  I am a happy girl. 

Gordon and I (and the rest of our family) are loving this stage with William.  His little personality is really starting to show.  He's talking, walking, feeding himself, sleeping better at night (well, at least compared to a year ago) and laughing up a storm.  Like Gordon said....this chapter of our life is awesome.  We are thankful for our health, our supportive families and just having each other.  There's nothing better than spending time with my boys.
CHEERS to many more lake trips!!  What is your favorite lake to visit?  We need some suggestions for next year!! 

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