Sunday, July 29, 2012

Rosemary Beach

Last weekend we packed up and flew to Florida for our yearly Gooding family vacation in Rosemary Beach, Florida.  I remember being there last year wondering if I'd be pregnant the next time we were there.  I don't think I ever imagined we'd be back with our 3 month old baby!!! 
William was a wonderful traveler!  He slept the entire flight there and back.  I had to force feed him before we landed both times so his ears wouldn't hurt so bad.  Checking in at Hobby was a bit of a nightmare.  I have never seen the line out the door like it was that morning.  I nearly cried when we walked in because I knew we still had to get through security, find the family restroom for me to pump, check the stroller and board the plane.  Needless to say, we made it!!!   

First plane ride!
We weren't able to check into the house we were staying at until 4pm so after eating some yummy fish tacos at The Smiling Fish we went to a family friend's house to hang out.  Here we are enjoying the nice ocean breeze!  We even got to meet Mike Huckabee's super sweet wife.  They have a new grandbaby too so we had lots of fun stories to share. 

At 4:00 we headed to the place we called home for the next week. 

We had a wonderful time just hanging out and relaxing!  William wore his beach pajamas and did lots of cuddling with us every morning. :)

Two peas in a pod

A great way to wake up every morning!
William loved his Aunt Ashley!  This was the first time they had met and I think it was love at first sight for William.  He loved listening to Ashley sing to him. 

Mom and Dad got some much needed sun while baby boy relaxed under the umbrella!  The ocean breeze is SO nice....William slept like a baby while he was out there. 

I can't wait to get in that water next year!

Hanging out while Mommy drinks some coffee
Tuesday night, after Aunt Emily got into town, we all went to dinner in Seaside.  I had some yummy mac 'n cheese with shrimp and Gordon had the catch of the day.  I must say I love my breast feeding diet. :) 
Great Southern in Seaside
Wednesday night Ashley and Brandon put on a fish fry for everyone.  William wore his fishy outfit for the occasion!  Everything was delicious.  One of the best parts about the beach is hanging out with everyone in the evening.  It's even more fun with little William!!!
Sleeping in my swing

Gordon helping Brandon out

Thank you Mimi and Grandad for the great vacation!
I insisted on a few family photos of course.  :) 

July 19th, WJG's 3 month birthday

I loved watching all the little kids playing on the beach this year.  It's so fun to think about all the things we will get to do with William in the future.  It's crazy that a tiny little baby can make you feel SO much joy.  Life is a little brighter with him in it.  I feel like my heart has tripled in size since April's made me love deeper, appreciate more and after our NICU experience I think I'm a better nurse.  Gordon and I have so much to look forward to!  I can see sandcastles, shovels and boogie boards in our future.  We are so blessed to have him in our lives AND to have such a wonderful family.  We're already looking forward to next year! 

See you next year Rosemary Beach!


Sunday, July 22, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy...

Well, life has been a bit crazy around our house.  Unfortunately, I had to go back to work two weeks ago.  It was a sad day!  The weekend before I went back to work we had gone to Texarkana so that kinda started the spiral of craziness.  It is so hard to pack, unpack, do laundry, take care of a newborn and work 40 hours a week!!  Welcome to the real world mama Lindsey!  My first day back to work was a Tuesday.  My mom flew into Houston on that Monday evening to take care of baby boy.  It made life so much easier with her there.  Not only did I feel better about leaving (don't get me wrong I cried my eyes out!)....but we were also able to kinda figure out what we will have to do in the morning once the nanny starts.  I will say that working is easier than taking care of a newborn.  I'd still rather see his precious little face but it was nice to have some adult interaction.
Hanging out with Nana
My mom, William and I went to dinner together on Tuesday night and Thursday night uncle Dustin surprised us with a visit!

After work on Friday I took my mom to the airport and then headed home to pack for the annual Gooding family vacation!!  ....More to come on our trip to Rosemary Beach! 


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

First time to Texarkana

Thursday evening we loaded up the car and headed to Texarkana for William's first time!  Gordon was a groomsman in one of his high school buddies weddings so we figured it would be easier to travel at night on Thursday instead of rushing to get there on Friday in time for the rehearsal.  Little William got to meet lots of new people over the weekend!!!

Meeting Wilma for the first time.  Wilma has known Gordon since the day he was brought home from the hospital 30 years ago!

His uncle Brandon got to meet him for the first time too!

Mommy and Daddy ready for some wedding fun.

Grandad Gooding had met William right after he was born but this was the first time he held him.  The weekend that the Gooding's first met William he was in the incubator and under the bili lights.  The days he was on the bili lights I only got to hold him for a total of an hour a day.  :(  I sure am glad to have those days behind us!

Sweet Eden loved William! 

Gordon and Brandon with their baby boys!  I look forward to the day when William and Wyatt can play together. 


Friday, July 6, 2012

Flashback Friday #3

Week 14 & 15 (December 11-24)

Mood- I was so ready to feel baby kick!  It still seemed unreal that I was pregnant even though my body was clearly changing!  I was excited for Christmas, busy getting ready for the gender reveal party and mailing out Christmas cards. 
How my body feels- The nausea after breakfast was starting to get better and I didn't wake up starving to death anymore.  I was still fitting in all my normal clothes but my waist line was quickly expanding.  I went ahead and bought a belly band which I used until the end of February.  I got a little bit of a cold before Christmas but nothing that lasted long.
Cravings- I officially gave up on my morning yogurt.  It just didn't taste good anymore.  Even chicken wasn't the same.  I still craved cheese like crazy and Chinese food! 
Weight gain-  At my doctors appointment on December 19th I had gained 4 pounds.
Dreams-  I dreamed that I could feel the baby move.  I woke up so happy!
Important things this week- Doctor appointment: baby heart rate = 150.
On December 23rd I felt William move for the first time!!!  I remember it like it was yesterday...I had just left work....excited about a little Christmas break....I got into my car and buckled up and that's when it happened.  I literally stopped what I was doing and thought OMG he/she just moved.  I didn't think I'd know or recognize when it happened but I did!  It was like something was tapping me from the inside.  When Gordon asked what it was like I remember telling him that the word "quickening" described it perfectly.  I always wondered why that word was used to describe the babies first movements.  Once I felt it for myself it all of a sudden made perfect sense.  After that anytime I was in the car or sitting still on the couch I had my hand on my belly....waiting for him to move again.  :)
   Christmas in Texarkana was nice and relaxing.  It rained most of the time so Gordon couldn't go out to the farm to hunt.  Instead, we did lots of laying around and on Christmas Eve we went to see Sherlock Holmes before going to church with Jackie and Bill. 

Around this time is when the addiction to Chopped and Iron Chef started!  The next Iron Chef had just ended that week and MY GUY won!!  Gordon and I each picked who we thought would win during the first show and my guy, Geoffrey Zakarian, won.  I'm pointing at him in the picture below.  :)  Gordon surprised me with this cookbook.  The best was signed by Geoffrey himself.  I started crying when I opened it.  Gordon says I'm crazy....I'm sure part of it was pregnancy hormones....I was so excited about this silly little cookbook.  I loved it more than the diaper bag or Kate Spade wallet he gave me....probably because it's something we enjoy doing together AND it shows how thoughtful of a husband he is.  Like I've said's the little things.  I am so blessed to have such a great relationship with my hubby.  He's my best friend and I love that he knows me OH SO WELL! 

Good job Daddy!  LOVE the diaper bag.

2011 Christmas card


Thursday, July 5, 2012

William's first 4th of July

Well, I can't say we had an exciting 4th of July but it was nice to have Gordon home with us!  As you can probably imagine there isn't a lot we can do with William right now.  It's just too hot outside.  Even the shade is pretty miserable.  We did sing the song Yankee Doodle for the first time and did you know one part of the song says "Father and I went down to camp Along with Captain Gooding!"
HAHA.  We also did a little firecracker cheer.  Gordon would die if he knew what I was singing to William was a cheer we did growing up.  Firecracker, Firecracker, Boom, Boom, Boom!
This bouncy seat isn't so bad after all!
We did all our normal everyday stuff yesterday....change diapers, feed baby, pump, do dishes, wash bottles, shower, and do laundry.  Grant and Emily came by for dinner last night.  Gordon cooked for us on the Green Egg and after dinner we all went on a walk. 
I got creative :)
AND I did this while holding William!

Hanging with Aunt Emily

Walking...note all the construction!

We could hear the downtown fireworks last night....can't say I really missed them.  Don't get me wrong.....they are beautiful....but the traffic it creates is AWFUL.  As in get stuck in your car for 3 hours terrible!  It was worth watching when I lived in Midtown and could walk home.  Now, not so much.  I'm hoping that next year we can go to Midland where things are a little more simple.  The best part will be swimming all day at my parents house!  I can't wait for those types of fun days.  I do love cuddling with my sweet baby but look forward to teaching him to swim, hearing his little voice, watching him walk and crawl around....
Like I've said a thousand times since April 19th....Life is GOOD.  When I start feeling sad about going back to work I just try to think about all the fun times ahead of us.  :)

So blessed to live in the USA

Let me just tell you that there are NO 4th of July or Red, White and Blue outfits for preemies!  William is still wearing preemie in the brand Kissy Kissy and NB in Carters.  Preemie outfits that say up to 7lbs still fit really well too (from Gap etc).  At least his cute little hat was red, white and blue! 

Best way to end my first 4th of July...
with a bath!


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

No one ever tells you....

I ran across this today and they are all so true!

No one ever tells you before you become a mom that you'll have to pick between washing your hair and shaving your legs because there is simply not enough time to do both.

No one ever tells you before you become a mom that your hobbies will go from Pilates to blog stalking other moms.

No one ever tells you before you become a mom that your nightstand will no longer be piled with trashy romance novels but instead it will carry What To Expect While You're Expecting, a breastpump and bottles.

No one ever tells you before you become a mom that your Yukon will seem small and the thought of owning a Suburban will sound appealing.

No one ever tells you before you become a mom that when you need baby advice, the first place you run is to your computer to check a blog of a total stranger to see how they handled the situation.

No one ever tells you before you become a mom that getting ready for the day changes from hair and full make-up to just putting on deodorant and lip gloss.

No one ever tells you before you become a mom that it is the most rewarding thing you will ever do...they try and explain it to you...but until it happens, you just never understand.


Midweek Randoms

7 days....only 7 days until I go back to work.  YUCK!!  I can barely bring myself to put William down.  I just want to hold the little guy all day long!  Who could resist that cute little face?!?!  Baby boy seems to be on a bit of a schedule.  He usually eats at 6am and then we go back to sleep until about 9.  He eats again and is awake until 11:30 or so.  During nap time I do dishes, clean bottles and eat lunch myself.  The afternoon isn't as predicatable.  If he seems to be sleeping a lot I try to wake him up around 5 so he'll be sleepy at night!  Bath time is around 8:30 followed by a bottle and bedtime around 10:00.  I'm hoping the bedtime bottle moves up a little more as he gets older.  For now it works because then he only wakes up at 2am and 6am (give or take an hour).  His adjusted age is only 3 weeks old.  That being said I think he's doing really well.  It means many more sleepless nights for mom and dad but we wouldn't trade it for the world. 

Before dinner on Friday night I threw together I shadow box while daddy played with William.  What's in the box???
  • The little hat they put on him right after he was born (before starting CPAP).    
  • One of the tiny diapers he wore during his first week of life (a step below preemie)
  • His umbilical cord clamp
  • Hospital bracklet they wrapped around his foot that had the pulse ox monitor on it everyday
  • His little foot prints on my mother's day card
  • Maternity picture and our first family photo together (and Gordon's first time to hold William).

Loving bath time and looking so cute!  Gus was very curious about what was going on.  I think he was more interested in the water than the baby.

Mom, I'm putting my hand in my mouth because I'm hungry....hint hint....I'm done with tummy time!

Happy to have daddy home from work!

Pooped after running some errands with mommy! 

10 weeks old

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