Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Midweek Randoms

7 days....only 7 days until I go back to work.  YUCK!!  I can barely bring myself to put William down.  I just want to hold the little guy all day long!  Who could resist that cute little face?!?!  Baby boy seems to be on a bit of a schedule.  He usually eats at 6am and then we go back to sleep until about 9.  He eats again and is awake until 11:30 or so.  During nap time I do dishes, clean bottles and eat lunch myself.  The afternoon isn't as predicatable.  If he seems to be sleeping a lot I try to wake him up around 5 so he'll be sleepy at night!  Bath time is around 8:30 followed by a bottle and bedtime around 10:00.  I'm hoping the bedtime bottle moves up a little more as he gets older.  For now it works because then he only wakes up at 2am and 6am (give or take an hour).  His adjusted age is only 3 weeks old.  That being said I think he's doing really well.  It means many more sleepless nights for mom and dad but we wouldn't trade it for the world. 

Before dinner on Friday night I threw together I shadow box while daddy played with William.  What's in the box???
  • The little hat they put on him right after he was born (before starting CPAP).    
  • One of the tiny diapers he wore during his first week of life (a step below preemie)
  • His umbilical cord clamp
  • Hospital bracklet they wrapped around his foot that had the pulse ox monitor on it everyday
  • His little foot prints on my mother's day card
  • Maternity picture and our first family photo together (and Gordon's first time to hold William).

Loving bath time and looking so cute!  Gus was very curious about what was going on.  I think he was more interested in the water than the baby.

Mom, I'm putting my hand in my mouth because I'm hungry....hint hint....I'm done with tummy time!

Happy to have daddy home from work!

Pooped after running some errands with mommy! 

10 weeks old


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