Thursday, July 5, 2012

William's first 4th of July

Well, I can't say we had an exciting 4th of July but it was nice to have Gordon home with us!  As you can probably imagine there isn't a lot we can do with William right now.  It's just too hot outside.  Even the shade is pretty miserable.  We did sing the song Yankee Doodle for the first time and did you know one part of the song says "Father and I went down to camp Along with Captain Gooding!"
HAHA.  We also did a little firecracker cheer.  Gordon would die if he knew what I was singing to William was a cheer we did growing up.  Firecracker, Firecracker, Boom, Boom, Boom!
This bouncy seat isn't so bad after all!
We did all our normal everyday stuff yesterday....change diapers, feed baby, pump, do dishes, wash bottles, shower, and do laundry.  Grant and Emily came by for dinner last night.  Gordon cooked for us on the Green Egg and after dinner we all went on a walk. 
I got creative :)
AND I did this while holding William!

Hanging with Aunt Emily

Walking...note all the construction!

We could hear the downtown fireworks last night....can't say I really missed them.  Don't get me wrong.....they are beautiful....but the traffic it creates is AWFUL.  As in get stuck in your car for 3 hours terrible!  It was worth watching when I lived in Midtown and could walk home.  Now, not so much.  I'm hoping that next year we can go to Midland where things are a little more simple.  The best part will be swimming all day at my parents house!  I can't wait for those types of fun days.  I do love cuddling with my sweet baby but look forward to teaching him to swim, hearing his little voice, watching him walk and crawl around....
Like I've said a thousand times since April 19th....Life is GOOD.  When I start feeling sad about going back to work I just try to think about all the fun times ahead of us.  :)

So blessed to live in the USA

Let me just tell you that there are NO 4th of July or Red, White and Blue outfits for preemies!  William is still wearing preemie in the brand Kissy Kissy and NB in Carters.  Preemie outfits that say up to 7lbs still fit really well too (from Gap etc).  At least his cute little hat was red, white and blue! 

Best way to end my first 4th of July...
with a bath!


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