Sunday, January 31, 2016

4 Months Old

This sweet little angel sure does have my heart!  She has continued to be a sweet baby that loves to cuddle and be kissed on.  Here's a little update on Anna Grace at 4 months old....

All dressed up for church.

Caught a smile!

Weight:  12 pounds 11 ounces (17th percentile)
Height: 25 inches (71st percentile)
Head: 28 inches (3rd percentile)
Eating:  Things are pretty much the same in this category.  She usually eats 4 oz every 2-3 hours while she is awake.   Over the last few weeks she's started eating 6 ounces at a couple of her feedings.  I have no idea how much she eats when she nurses (which she does when she wakes up and usually after school)....I'm thinking she eats at least 6 ounces.  Her last bottle is around 8 or 9 pm before going to bed and she doesn't eat again until 5 or 6 am.  Some nights she sleeps until it's time to eat, but a lot of nights wakes up around 3 am and is really restless.  Her best nap is still around 12-3p.  She definitely sleeps better at home than she does a school.  At school, she usually doesn't sleep for much more than an hour at time.   
Development:  Baby girl loves to smile but still isn't talking/cooing much.  She's getting better about holding her head up, but does tend to want to keep her chubby chin down on her chest.  Unfortunately, she hates tummy time with a passion.  We've had to get creative with her!   She loves laying on her play mat and shaking her toys.  She kicks all around and smiles when she sees her reflection.
Other:  Baby girl had her first cold around Christmas time.  Luckily, she never got a fever, just a yucky nose and coughing.  She saw snow for the first time, went to church, and flew on a plane for the second time. 
Things She Loves:  Looking at fans, watching her big brother, chewing on her hands, kisses, bath time, going on walks, looking at the lights in her room, and being swaddled for bedtime.
Things She Hates:  Tummy time, cries when you turn the bath water off and when you get her out of the bath.  You know when she's ready for bed, she starts rubbing her eyes and crying (sometimes she even does this moaning/grunting noise as she sucks on her paci).  Once you swaddle her up she is ready to be laid down!  Some nights she'll want me to hold her, but I've noticed lately that she kinda wants to be left alone.  It's like she needs some time to relax on her own.  :)  

Big brother is still super in love with this baby girl!  Anna Grace is usually the first person he asks about in the morning.  When we pick her up from school William looks at her report sheet and says, "Good girl!  Mama, Anna Grace got a smiley face today."  There is truly nothing better than watching his love for her.  Melts. My. Heart.

She loves his kisses!

A proud, protective big brother.

Compared to our sweet William (as a baby), Anna Grace is a rolly polly.  I couldn't believe she was only in the 17th percentile for weight!  Regardless, they are both perfect in our eyes....and I sure do love those chubby cheeks and legs.  :)

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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Texas Tech Bowl Game

This was the first year, in a while, that we didn't make it to LBK to watch our Red Raiders play football.  When we found out they were playing in a bowl game here in Houston we knew we had to go!  This was going to be one of our first nights out (for a long period of time) without either of our babies.  Unfortunately, our babysitter got sick the day of the game.  We were able to find someone to watch William but had to bring baby girl.  Luckily, she did awesome and slept 90% of the time.    

{Isn't she the cutest little Wreck 'Em Tech fan!} {With my honey} {Baby girl's first Tech game} {Sleeping Beauty} {Game Day!} {Don't know what we'd do without this baby carrier}

We didn't win the game, but we had fun and got to catch up with some friends.  The game didn't start until super late at night (anything past 9pm is late for this mama), so we didn't get home until midnight!  Thankfully, Gordon and I didn't have to work the next day.  :)

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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Christmas Lights In Style

The last Friday of my maternity leave we had a super fun night with friends looking at Christmas lights!  After snacking on some pizza and drinking some yummy, homemade, hot chocolate we loaded everyone into the limo!  4 grown men, 4 pretty ladies, 8 kids and an infant = one fun limo ride.  As you might expect, the kids got a little antsy, so we made a stop at City Center to let everyone stretch their legs.

We had a lot of laughs and made some fun memories with some of our favorite friends!

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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Gaylord Texan

The Sunday after Thanksgiving we made our way to Dallas for a fun night at The Gaylord Texan.  Gordon only hung around for lunch and a quick visit with my family (and then headed home to go back to work).  Since I was still on maternity leave, the three of us took advantage of the time off and stayed the night in Dallas and then went on to Midland the next day.
Last year William didn't do so great in the ICE exhibit.  So, this year we skipped ICE and did the tube rides since he was tall enough.  To say he had fun is an understatement!  He made this mama drag the double tube up the stairs 12 times!!!  Before we were even to the bottom of the slide William would be yelling, "One more time, mama!"  We were able to get William away from the tube area with promises of looking at the train.  The Gaylord, at Christmas time, really is a magical place for a child.  That evening we had a fabulous dinner at the steak restaurant in the hotel, and the next morning we did some exploring before loading up the car.  
{View from our room} {Say Cheese!}
{Look Papa!} {Choo, Choo Train Watching} {He made the cut}
{Tubing} {"This is my friend, mama."} {Breakfast with mama}

Last year was fun, but this year was much better.  I can hardly wait for next year! :)

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Monday, January 18, 2016

Thanksgiving 2015

Well, Anna Grace's first Thanksgiving is in the books!  I took approximately 1,000 pictures of William on his first Thanksgiving....not so much with baby girl.  All of these pictures were taken with my trusty iPhone.  There's a few reasons not many pictures were taken.  #1 baby girl wasn't in a photogenic stage.  She really just wanted to be held, swaddled or have a paci in her mouth (if it was up to her she'd have all three at once).  #2 It rained the last two days we were in town.  #3 watching two kids in someone else's house comes with challenges.  I was doing good to pump, feed, change diapers and get everyone bathed and dressed everyday (not to mention keeping up with myself).  :)  Regardless, I caught some pretty sweet moments!
The boys hunted a lot while we hung around the house.  William, Anna Grace and I got some good walks in and one day we even made it to a park with their baby cousin, Katherine.  Gordon and I did sneak away for lunch one day and had dinner with some friends one night (Anna Grace tagged along for this trip out of the house).  I'll admit, I have a hard time leaving my tiny babies with other people. :)  It was a relaxing weekend spent with some of our favorite people!

This is what Anna Grace thinks of Thanksgiving | William and Daddy heading to the movies | Love this silly boy | My little turkeys | Feeding baby sister | Playing with Aunt Em | Boy time! | Fun at the park | Family of Four | Lazy mornings | Kids were both sleeping during Thanksgiving lunch! | Sweet baby smiles

I'm sure next Thanksgiving will be even crazier!  3 walking and talking toddlers and 8 adults under one roof.....that's how memories are made, folks!!
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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Football Weekend

For Gordon's birthday weekend we headed into town to cheer on the Texans!  It was supposed to be an adult only event, but turned into a family affair.  I'm sure people think we are crazy for taking these two kiddos to the game.  Honestly, we wouldn't do it if they weren't such laid back babies. :)  William was over the moon happy to have Cesar there with us.  Add in the popcorn, pizza and ice cream....he was in heaven!!
William has been talking about going back to another game ever since then.  We definitely have a little football fan on our hands.  Years from now, I think these will be some of our favorite memories....watching William's little eyes light up with excitement will always bring a smile to my face and heart!

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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Anna Grace 3 months old

Baby girl had an adventurous month 2-3.  We traveled to Texarkana for Thanksgiving where we spent 5 nights in a house full of family!  From there, we drove to Dallas and stayed the night at The Gaylord Texan Hotel.  The next morning we headed to Midland.  This was Anna Grace's first trip to West Texas, followed by her first flight home several days later.  :)  Busy.  We were really busy! 

10 weeks old

Love these two!

12 weeks, right before Mama headed back to work

Weight:  Around 12 pounds
Eating:  She is still eating about the same, and let me tell you, baby girl loves her mama's milk!  She usually eats 4 oz every 2-3 hours while she is awake.   Her last bottle is around 8 or 9 pm before going to bed and she doesn't eat again until 5 or 6 am.  Some nights she sleeps until it's time to eat, but a lot of nights wakes up around 3 am and is really restless.  Her best nap is still around 12-3p.  
Development:  We are getting more smiles these days!  At 11 weeks she started to get more active, kicking her feet and looking at fans.  Around this time she was still okay with tummy time.  She loves chewing on her hands (which makes me thinks she really would rather suck her thumb than her paci).     
This sweet baby girl loves to cuddle!  The two of us have had some really sweet days just laying around cuddling with the glow of Christmas lights in the house.  I know that these will forever be some of my favorite memories.  As I type this, Anna Grace is nearly 4 months old!  Looking back, I've decided that month 2-3 is one of the harder ones....they aren't sleeping all the time like newborns but you can't really entertain them with rattles etc yet.  Thank goodness for our Baby K'tan.

3.5 months old (we were a little late)

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