Monday, January 18, 2016

Thanksgiving 2015

Well, Anna Grace's first Thanksgiving is in the books!  I took approximately 1,000 pictures of William on his first Thanksgiving....not so much with baby girl.  All of these pictures were taken with my trusty iPhone.  There's a few reasons not many pictures were taken.  #1 baby girl wasn't in a photogenic stage.  She really just wanted to be held, swaddled or have a paci in her mouth (if it was up to her she'd have all three at once).  #2 It rained the last two days we were in town.  #3 watching two kids in someone else's house comes with challenges.  I was doing good to pump, feed, change diapers and get everyone bathed and dressed everyday (not to mention keeping up with myself).  :)  Regardless, I caught some pretty sweet moments!
The boys hunted a lot while we hung around the house.  William, Anna Grace and I got some good walks in and one day we even made it to a park with their baby cousin, Katherine.  Gordon and I did sneak away for lunch one day and had dinner with some friends one night (Anna Grace tagged along for this trip out of the house).  I'll admit, I have a hard time leaving my tiny babies with other people. :)  It was a relaxing weekend spent with some of our favorite people!

This is what Anna Grace thinks of Thanksgiving | William and Daddy heading to the movies | Love this silly boy | My little turkeys | Feeding baby sister | Playing with Aunt Em | Boy time! | Fun at the park | Family of Four | Lazy mornings | Kids were both sleeping during Thanksgiving lunch! | Sweet baby smiles

I'm sure next Thanksgiving will be even crazier!  3 walking and talking toddlers and 8 adults under one roof.....that's how memories are made, folks!!
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