Sunday, January 10, 2016

Anna Grace 3 months old

Baby girl had an adventurous month 2-3.  We traveled to Texarkana for Thanksgiving where we spent 5 nights in a house full of family!  From there, we drove to Dallas and stayed the night at The Gaylord Texan Hotel.  The next morning we headed to Midland.  This was Anna Grace's first trip to West Texas, followed by her first flight home several days later.  :)  Busy.  We were really busy! 

10 weeks old

Love these two!

12 weeks, right before Mama headed back to work

Weight:  Around 12 pounds
Eating:  She is still eating about the same, and let me tell you, baby girl loves her mama's milk!  She usually eats 4 oz every 2-3 hours while she is awake.   Her last bottle is around 8 or 9 pm before going to bed and she doesn't eat again until 5 or 6 am.  Some nights she sleeps until it's time to eat, but a lot of nights wakes up around 3 am and is really restless.  Her best nap is still around 12-3p.  
Development:  We are getting more smiles these days!  At 11 weeks she started to get more active, kicking her feet and looking at fans.  Around this time she was still okay with tummy time.  She loves chewing on her hands (which makes me thinks she really would rather suck her thumb than her paci).     
This sweet baby girl loves to cuddle!  The two of us have had some really sweet days just laying around cuddling with the glow of Christmas lights in the house.  I know that these will forever be some of my favorite memories.  As I type this, Anna Grace is nearly 4 months old!  Looking back, I've decided that month 2-3 is one of the harder ones....they aren't sleeping all the time like newborns but you can't really entertain them with rattles etc yet.  Thank goodness for our Baby K'tan.

3.5 months old (we were a little late)

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