Monday, December 14, 2015

AGG at 2 months old


Weight:  9lbs 15oz (15%) This is up 1lb 11oz in the last month
Height:  22 inches (25%) Grew 1 inch in the last month
Head: 14.25 inches (5%)
Eating: Not too much had changed when she turned two months old.  Soon after she dropped the middle of the night feeding!  At just 8 weeks old she slept for 8 hours straight....this is a HUGE difference from her big brother who woke up at 2am to eat until he was 9 months old.  She has made me a happy mama. :)  Baby girl eats, give or take, at 5am, 7am, 9am, 11pm (followed by her longest nap of the day), 3pm, 5pm, 7pm, 9pm (bedtime).
Development:  We were able to answer yes to all the developmental questions they asked at her check up.  The dreaded 2 month shots went as best as could be expected.  Baby girl slept the rest of the day and did good over night.   

Doctor Appointment Done!

This sweet baby girl still loves her paci, being swaddled and cuddling.  She likes her bath time but hates when you take her out.  The crying usually doesn't stop until you have her all dressed and cuddly warm again.  At around 7 weeks she started "talking" some and at 9 weeks was giving us some smiles!  There is really nothing better than a smile from your itty bitty baby.  

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