Monday, February 22, 2016

Snow Days

On our last scheduled day in Midland, over Christmas, we woke up to snow flurries!  By 10am our flight back home had been canceled and we found out we wouldn't be able to fly out until the next day at 7pm.  This gave us lots of time to enjoy the SNOW!  My mom woke up sick that morning.  :(  We made sure to take lots of pictures and videos to send her.

Since we knew we'd be trapped in the house for the next 40 hours Gordon and I decided to take William to an early movie.  The boys had already seen The Good Dinosaur, but William would never turn down going to "the big movies".  Baby girl went with us too and took a nice little nap.  By the time we got out of the movie a couple of inches of snow had fallen and it was COLD!

To say William had fun playing in the snow is an understatement.  He was in heaven.  His gloves were a bit big but he didn't mind at all.  Thankfully, Nana had bought some snow boots the day before, so is was all set to play!  Gordon played with him on the first day and I did day 2.  This kiddo is going to love skiing when we take him next year.  Not once did he complain about the cold.  He just played and played and played.  He really loved breaking up the big pieces of ice on the sidewalk and thought throwing snowballs was hilarious.  
These were two days I'll never forget.  It was so pretty, quiet and peaceful outside, and William was so happy.  It doesn't get any better than that!  We had spiced apple cider, made snow ice cream and did lots of snuggling by the fire.  Now when it's foggy and/or cold outside William says, "The snow is coming!"  HAHA, I wish we got snow this far south.

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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Getting Ready For Christmas

I am just dying looking at all of these adorable Christmas pictures!  There is just so much cuteness going on!!!  Christmas is by far my favorite time of the year.  I love decorating our home, listening to Christmas music on the way to work, teaching our kiddos what the true meaning of Christmas is and spending extra time with friends and family.  

William was really anxious about going to see Santa.  He was clinging onto Gordon for dear life.  But, as soon as we set him on Santa's lap he gave a big smile and told Santa just what he wanted for Christmas.  #mycuprunnethover  What was on William's wish list this year?  Bunchums, a big truck and a firetruck.

I mean, could this little girl get any cuter?!?  We are all SO in love with her sweet, calm little personality.

My Christmas babies at 8 months and 3 months
Sometime at the beginning of December, before I went back to work, William spent the day with his Uncle G and Aunt Em.  They had a fun day at the tree farm while this mama and daddy went on a day date to the movies.  Little Anna Grace stayed with a sitter for the first time and did great.  :)  That night we had dinner over at Emily and Grant's.  Just when William thought our fun night was over....the smores came out!  He had a blast....and was a little too into the fire for this mama.  haha.

Looking back at these pictures makes me so happy!!  There is definitely a reason for taking a million pictures every month.  :)

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Friday, February 5, 2016

Baby's First Trip To Midland

Our little Anna Grace got to visit my hometown for the first time at the beginning of December.  After a fun filled weekend in Texarkana for Thanksgiving we made our way to West Texas!  Anna Grace got to meet her great grandparents (Pop and GG), and we had a small sip and see to celebrate the new babies that joined us in 2015.  I hadn't been home since the beginning of the summer, so it was nice to be back.  I made sure to hit all my favorite restaurants while we were there!

Hanging with Pop | My babies with GG | Dustin and Brecken got to meet AG too!

The best nana and papa | About to board the plane with these 2 babies (AG was strapped on me) | We love bath time
Celebrating the grandbabies | Favorite Things Bunco with my BFF the night I got back in town

The flight home couldn't have gone any better.  Anna Grace did fabulous and William was super helpful and patient with the entire process.  I honestly couldn't do all the going if these kiddos weren't so great.  I'm a lucky mama!  I will say it was nice to have a girls night out when I got home that evening.  Going to Favorite Things Bunco Night put me in the holiday up, a million and one Christmas pictures! 

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