Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Red Raider Ready

It may still be 100 degrees outside....but college football season is only days away!  Usually fall clothes and cool weather come to mind when you think of football season BUT not in Texas.  Since our yearly trip to Lubbock, to cheer on the Red Raiders, is right around the corner I thought I'd do a post on some cute outfit options I've found recently!

I'm thinking shorts will be the way to go for an early afternoon game in West Texas.  I am loving Jillian Harris' new line of clothes For Privilege (2 of the 5 are from her line).

1- The Melissa top is light and airy and will look great with a pop of red!  This top isn't quite as long on me as it is on Jillian but works perfect with denim shorts.  Pics soon!
2- The perfect earrings for a pop in your alma mater's colors.
3- Another breathable fun top.  Perfect for the heat.
4- Love the detail on this top and the length in the back.
5- I also have this by Jillian Harris.  It's a must buy.  Maybe not for a Tech football game but for springtime and summer.  It'd be perfect for a post-partum body or during pregnancy!

Happy Football Season Y'all!

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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Texas Safari

William and I went on a super fun 27 hour road trip last weekend!  On Sunday morning we drove to San Antonio to meet my mom.  We planned the trip because my dad would still be in Africa (and we figured she'd be getting bored) and it was her birthday!  The other purpose of the trip was to visit the Natural Bridge Wildlife Safari that is just north of San Antonio.  To say William had fun is an understatement.  This little guy was ecstatic!  He loved feeding the animals a snack (the park provides you with this when you enter) and he even got up the courage to pet some goats.  The entire time we were in the car he was saying "what it is?" "a SNACK!"  When we'd tell him what kind of animal it was he'd say "oooohhhhhh".   He was really interested in the ostrich and kept calling them ducks.  :)
The next day we road a boat on the riverwalk, had ice cream, did some shopping, rode on a trolley (he's obsessed with buses so this made his day), sweat a lot, and saw the Alamo.

Super excited for the safari to start  |  Getting his snack ready  |  My dad hunted this Kudu in Africa  |  Look, a Zebra!  |  Nice goats  |  The Alamo  |  A duck...better known as an ostrich  |  He's super expressive!  |  Morning boat ride

Sometimes quick trips are the best trips!

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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Staying Busy

We've continued to stay super busy this month!!  Right now William is napping, I'm laying in bed blogging, and there's nothing on my to-do list tonight.  Heaven!  After a couple of weeks of traveling it's nice to be home.
Two weeks ago we packed up and drove to Texarkana to visit Gordon's parents.  When we headed back home on Sunday William stayed behind so he could spend the week with his mimi and grandad.  As hard as it is to be away from him I know it's making him better.  Not only does he get to know his family better but it makes him more independent.  Although I love baby boy to love his momma to the moon....I want him to get out there and be comfortable away from me too!
Gordon and I had a restful week while he was away.  We caught a movie at Studio Movie Grill, I went and had a mani/pedi, we went to dinner in town at Tony's, I did some shopping at City Center and one night we just did nothing.  :)  I was super happy to see our little man on Friday afternoon!  

Here are a few pictures from William's week in Texarkana at Camp Mimi/Grandad!!!!

My happy little man |  He loves his guitar  |  Sandbox fun  |  Doing some yardwork  |  Tough day at the office  The next weekend with Perry and Reese at a birthday party  |  Kirby and Finley's cute birthday cookies

We are so blessed to have wonderful grandparents for William.

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Thursday, August 14, 2014


I've been wanting to do a post about this for a while.  If you read my blog you know I work with children with cancer.  I have for 10 years.  Nobody thought I'd last this long because IT. IS. A. HARD. JOB.  But, it's the most rewarding one too.  I wouldn't trade a single moment.  Every tear that I've shed is a precious memory that I hold close to my heart.  The only people that really get it are the ladies that have worked beside me for all these years.  They are my best friends.

By writing this post I hope more people will watch this You Tube trailer of Until 20.  It was a pleasure to know this young man.  I wish there were more people in this world with his upbeat spirit and kind heart.  I read blog post, after blog post about how to be a better mom or how to not give up when the daily grind of mommyhood are getting to you.  This video puts me in my place.  It gives me perspective.  The articles I read are nice...but this folks is the real deal.  A toddler tantrum can be trying but nothing compares to watching your child fight for their life.  All I can do is be so very thankful for my family's good health.  It's a prayer I say 1,000 times a day.  This young man was dying and yet he was so thankful for the 8 years of life he got to live after being diagnosed with osteosarcoma.

Every person/family has their own unique struggles.  When I'm having a tough day I try to put it all into perspective.  Sometimes I sit down and watch videos like this.  It'll make you hug your baby and any other loved ones a little tighter.

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Summer Days

We've had some fun summer days filled with sun, sno-cones and lots of time with friends and family!  Here's what we've been up to over the last few weeks.

Week 23- Swimming with Daddy!
Week 25- This was the last week that I was only working 4 days a week.  Having fun at the pool!
Week 28 - More pool time with his favorite little lady.
Week 29- Date night at Perry's with my honey.
Week 30- Summer BBQ with our best friends!
Week 31- Looking at the ducks after lunch with Nana and Papa.

As much as I love summer and having tan skin, I am super ready for the fall and football season!

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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Lions, Tigers and Bears!

This past weekend my parents made a trip to Houston to visit us....aka.....William.  :)  My dad will be heading to Africa on Friday, for a three week hunting trip, so this was a good weekend to catch up with them.  We figured we needed to get Papa ready for Africa by visiting the ZOO!  

So excited to see the train arrive!

We hadn't visited the zoo in nearly a year, and we couldn't have picked a more perfect day to go back.  It was overcast and cool outside!  Rare for an August day in Houston, Texas.  We had a great morning looking at all the animals, riding the carousel and of course riding the CHOO CHOO.   William was a little nervous about some of the bigger animals.  He kept telling the daddy elephant "bye bye" but thought the baby elephant that was eating hay was neat.  The monkeys were probably his favorite.   He loved watching them jump around and swing from the branches.  The mandarin monkey (with the colorful face) scared him to death and he wasn't interested in the petting zoo.  The train ride was, as always, a hit.  He gets so excited when that train pulls up.  Cutest. Things. Ever.

Family Fun  |  Look, A Monkey!  |  Not Liking The Mandarin Monkey  |  Beautiful Giraffes  |  Typical Family Photo  |  Making Some Noise  |  Best Pic Of The Day  |  Say Cheese!

After our fun at the zoo we stopped by Gordon's latest project in Rice Village for lunch at Punk's (if you go you gotta try their fried chicken, deviled eggs, pickles and biscuits!).  My parents loved seeing what Gordon's been up to at work, we all loved the food and William loved running around the courtyard.

We had a great weekend relaxing with my parents!  We even found some time to buy a big boy training potty (yep, it's nearly that time) and we did some yummy grilling on the green egg in the evening.  We can't wait for Papa to get back from Africa so we can hear all his stories!  

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