Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Lions, Tigers and Bears!

This past weekend my parents made a trip to Houston to visit us....aka.....William.  :)  My dad will be heading to Africa on Friday, for a three week hunting trip, so this was a good weekend to catch up with them.  We figured we needed to get Papa ready for Africa by visiting the ZOO!  

So excited to see the train arrive!

We hadn't visited the zoo in nearly a year, and we couldn't have picked a more perfect day to go back.  It was overcast and cool outside!  Rare for an August day in Houston, Texas.  We had a great morning looking at all the animals, riding the carousel and of course riding the CHOO CHOO.   William was a little nervous about some of the bigger animals.  He kept telling the daddy elephant "bye bye" but thought the baby elephant that was eating hay was neat.  The monkeys were probably his favorite.   He loved watching them jump around and swing from the branches.  The mandarin monkey (with the colorful face) scared him to death and he wasn't interested in the petting zoo.  The train ride was, as always, a hit.  He gets so excited when that train pulls up.  Cutest. Things. Ever.

Family Fun  |  Look, A Monkey!  |  Not Liking The Mandarin Monkey  |  Beautiful Giraffes  |  Typical Family Photo  |  Making Some Noise  |  Best Pic Of The Day  |  Say Cheese!

After our fun at the zoo we stopped by Gordon's latest project in Rice Village for lunch at Punk's (if you go you gotta try their fried chicken, deviled eggs, pickles and biscuits!).  My parents loved seeing what Gordon's been up to at work, we all loved the food and William loved running around the courtyard.

We had a great weekend relaxing with my parents!  We even found some time to buy a big boy training potty (yep, it's nearly that time) and we did some yummy grilling on the green egg in the evening.  We can't wait for Papa to get back from Africa so we can hear all his stories!  

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