Sunday, August 24, 2014

Texas Safari

William and I went on a super fun 27 hour road trip last weekend!  On Sunday morning we drove to San Antonio to meet my mom.  We planned the trip because my dad would still be in Africa (and we figured she'd be getting bored) and it was her birthday!  The other purpose of the trip was to visit the Natural Bridge Wildlife Safari that is just north of San Antonio.  To say William had fun is an understatement.  This little guy was ecstatic!  He loved feeding the animals a snack (the park provides you with this when you enter) and he even got up the courage to pet some goats.  The entire time we were in the car he was saying "what it is?" "a SNACK!"  When we'd tell him what kind of animal it was he'd say "oooohhhhhh".   He was really interested in the ostrich and kept calling them ducks.  :)
The next day we road a boat on the riverwalk, had ice cream, did some shopping, rode on a trolley (he's obsessed with buses so this made his day), sweat a lot, and saw the Alamo.

Super excited for the safari to start  |  Getting his snack ready  |  My dad hunted this Kudu in Africa  |  Look, a Zebra!  |  Nice goats  |  The Alamo  |  A duck...better known as an ostrich  |  He's super expressive!  |  Morning boat ride

Sometimes quick trips are the best trips!

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