Sunday, March 29, 2015

Week 11

We had a nice week around the house during "week 11".  On my day off work William and I made it to the YMCA and to Little Gym.  William has really grown leaps and bounds since starting Little Gym a year ago.  He loves to run around, hang on the high bar, catch and pop bubbles and instead of mastering a front roll, our little guy does fabulous log rolls. :)  We sure do love our days off together!

{Baby Bump} {Bubble Chaser} {Getting Crafty} 
{Donut Date} {My Little Buddy} {Dinner at Dekker's}

While Daddy got some extra sleep on Saturday morning William and I had a donut date.  Afterwards, while at the YMCA, I calculated how many calories I'd ingested.  Donut holes alone = 1,000 calories.  OMG!  I texted Gordon that we'd be at the gym for the next 3 hours.  LOL.  I'm glad we had our donut splurge's looking like my gym days are over until baby #2 gets here!  The rest of our weekend was filled with super fun family stuff.  We had a yummy dinner at Dekker's on Saturday evening.  The weather was beautiful and the live entertainment kept William quiet.  We spent Sunday at the Rodeo Carnival....more on that soon!

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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Week 10

Week 10 of 2015 was super fun and super productive.  William and I spent our day off together running errands in town.  I got a few 3rd birthday preparation things done and we got to meet daddy for lunch!  We had some yummy food, that I'd been craving, at Texadelphia.  After nap time we ran down the street to get my oil changed.  William had a blast....and yes, I'm being serious.  He got to eat Cheetos and they had a kids play area.  Perfect!  Oil change made easy.  
As you can see William had a good time at Little Gym over the weekend and the park got a couple of visits from us too.  William has quite the imagination these days.  He told Gordon to be a dinosaur while we were at the park.  He would run away screaming when Gordon would get close to him.  :)  We are so blessed to have such a happy little guy.  He sure makes life fun!!!

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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Coming This Fall.....

We are so excited to announce that we are expecting Baby Gooding #2 this fall!  I can't tell you what a good feeling it was to see that little baby squirm around on the big screen Monday morning.  I can hardly wait to love on another little blessing and to see William build a relationship with his new brother or sister! 

In hopes of keeping this little one in-utero a little longer than William.....I'll be having a cerclage placed tomorrow morning.  This will require me to be NPO (nothing to eat or drink) after midnight (not fun for a preggo lady), be sedated and feel a little uncomfortable over the next couple of days.  But, the end product is more than worth the worry this small procedure is bringing us!  For now, all we can do is stay positive and pray that everything goes well.  We have a lot to look forward to.....we find out the gender of baby #2 this weekend!!!!!!

Happy thoughts for a easy, breezy day tomorrow.  :)

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Monday, March 16, 2015

My Reading List

Although my reading has slowed down a bit since the fall.....I've still managed to read a book every 1-2 months.  I think I've made this comment before, I guess I'll make it again, I think reading makes me a better, more well rounded person.  Doing something I enjoy makes me a better mom and wife.  Reading books makes me think outside of my "little box" of suburbia life, taking care of kids with cancer, all while being a full time mommy and wife who cooks a home cooked meal 5 nights a week, does 95% of the laundry, hits the gym 3 times a week (and doesn't have a maid!).  It's a good way to open my mind and it gives me some much needed down time.    

Here are a few books I recommend reading!  When I did my last book post here I had just started reading The Secret Keeper.  I finished it around Christmas time.  I can't say enough how great this book was.    

The Secret Keeper-  This book had the sweetest ending!  The last 200 pages were so easy to read because I could hardly wait to see what was going to happen.  A unique love story with an important reminder to always be honest and kind to others.  You just never know what's going on behind closed doors.

The Glass Castle-  I read this one for a book club.  I doubt it would have ever been on my reading list otherwise.  Although some of it was hard for me to read (it's a memoir), I'm glad I did.  It amazes me how people can think so differently.  The best part of this book is the determination and dedication the siblings have.  The unconditional love in the family despite their many flaws is remarkable.  This book proves that just because you have nothing, are given nothing, are rarely supported, and are dirt can still succeed!!  If you think you have it rough just pick up this book.  I'm 90% sure you'll change your mind.

Looking For Alaska-  This one was a tear jerk-er.  Reading this book made me see through the eyes of a teenager again.  Makes me a little nervous to one day raise one!  I do love that one of the main characters of the book finally "found his place" when he moved off to boarding school.  Everyone deserves to feel loved and like their friendship is valuable.

Unbroken-  I just recently started this book and have really enjoyed it so far.  As you probably know, it is now a movie (released on Christmas).  I love that it's based on a true story.  I love that Louis Zamperini started off as a troubled young boy and ended up finding his passion, running.  It made him productive, happy and an Olympic athlete.  I love that he trained in Midland, Texas for the Army Air Corps flight school.  I love being excited about a new book. :)  I'll be really excited to finish reading it so we can watch it on the big screen.

Cheers to nap time.....when reading gets done!

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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Week 9

Well, there's not much to say about "week 9".  It was another uneventful week/weekend.  William had an upset tummy some of the week so we tried to lay low.  I'm still shocked I never got a phone call from daycare!  On our day off together we had a fun lunch date at Whole Foods.  This kid loves going to the store.  :)  Whole Foods is one of his favorites because they have a fun car/cart to ride in, he loves their mac n cheese and they have a wide variety of cupcakes.  It's the important things in life, folks!

That weekend we made blueberry and banana pancakes before church.  William liked the banana pancakes the best.  This little boy could end up being a chef one day....he loves to help cook!    

February may have started off busy but it sure did end nice and quiet!

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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Getting Organized

One of my goals for this year was to do a small project every week.  That hasn't quite happened due to our vacation, trip to Midland and now I'm trying to get everything together for William's 3rd birthday party.  I am happy to say that all our photos are uploaded to Snapfish and I have most everything on a flash drive!  I'm super paranoid about losing videos and pictures so this is a huge relief.

One of the things on my to do list was cleaning out one of our closest.  I wish I'd taken a before picture.  The top of the closet was just a huge mess of gift bags, ribbon and tissue paper that continued onto the floor of the closet.  I finally worked up the courage, during William's nap time, to clean the big mess up.  I took everything out of the closet and got organized!  

This wrapping station organizer from Pottery Barn is wonderful (it's no longer available but maybe they'll offer one again around the holidays).  It was super easy to hang on the wall and I love that you can see everything.  I have all our Christmas wrapping paper in a big tub and gift labels are in the pull out drawers.

The used the big gift bags to put all the smaller gift bags into.  The big blue bag has baby bags and the train bag has kids birthday party bags.  I left the more neutral bags out.  My favorite thing to do is use a solid colored gift bag and place a big label, from Erin Condren, on the front.  The big box has gift boxes inside of it.  The next time I have to wrap a present I. Will. Be. Ready.

Starting a project like this is never fun (seriously, you should've seen the before picture).  BUT, the results you get at the end are well worth the time it takes!!!

Cheers to a clean closet.  :)

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Sunday, March 8, 2015

A Weekend At Home

Home Sweet Home!  It was so nice to finally be back home after a couple weekends of traveling.  I can't say we've done anything too exciting....but that's just what I wanted!  I did get away one night for dinner with some girlfriends.  I'm so sad we didn't get a picture. :(  It was great catching up with the "old M.D. Anderson girls".  Now that we don't all work together we actually talk about things other than work!  {Which is probably a good thing.}  It's so funny to think about how much has changed in the ten years since we've known each other.  At the beginning only one of us was married, we had no kids and now, between the 5 of us, we have 10.5 kiddos (plus a few frozen  Hopefully we'll get back together soon and I'll remember to snap a picture!  Until then, here are a couple of throw back pictures!

William and I had a fun day off, during the week, together.  After our morning visit to the YMCA we hit up Hobby Lobby for some birthday supplies.  You can never start party planning too soon!

As you can see in the picture above, William's been trying to dress himself.  He sure knows how to make his mama laugh.  :)  We also bought some new furniture for our extra bedroom!  Eventually we will paint it....for now it's hanging out in the garage.

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