Sunday, March 29, 2015

Week 11

We had a nice week around the house during "week 11".  On my day off work William and I made it to the YMCA and to Little Gym.  William has really grown leaps and bounds since starting Little Gym a year ago.  He loves to run around, hang on the high bar, catch and pop bubbles and instead of mastering a front roll, our little guy does fabulous log rolls. :)  We sure do love our days off together!

{Baby Bump} {Bubble Chaser} {Getting Crafty} 
{Donut Date} {My Little Buddy} {Dinner at Dekker's}

While Daddy got some extra sleep on Saturday morning William and I had a donut date.  Afterwards, while at the YMCA, I calculated how many calories I'd ingested.  Donut holes alone = 1,000 calories.  OMG!  I texted Gordon that we'd be at the gym for the next 3 hours.  LOL.  I'm glad we had our donut splurge's looking like my gym days are over until baby #2 gets here!  The rest of our weekend was filled with super fun family stuff.  We had a yummy dinner at Dekker's on Saturday evening.  The weather was beautiful and the live entertainment kept William quiet.  We spent Sunday at the Rodeo Carnival....more on that soon!

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