Saturday, February 6, 2016

Getting Ready For Christmas

I am just dying looking at all of these adorable Christmas pictures!  There is just so much cuteness going on!!!  Christmas is by far my favorite time of the year.  I love decorating our home, listening to Christmas music on the way to work, teaching our kiddos what the true meaning of Christmas is and spending extra time with friends and family.  

William was really anxious about going to see Santa.  He was clinging onto Gordon for dear life.  But, as soon as we set him on Santa's lap he gave a big smile and told Santa just what he wanted for Christmas.  #mycuprunnethover  What was on William's wish list this year?  Bunchums, a big truck and a firetruck.

I mean, could this little girl get any cuter?!?  We are all SO in love with her sweet, calm little personality.

My Christmas babies at 8 months and 3 months
Sometime at the beginning of December, before I went back to work, William spent the day with his Uncle G and Aunt Em.  They had a fun day at the tree farm while this mama and daddy went on a day date to the movies.  Little Anna Grace stayed with a sitter for the first time and did great.  :)  That night we had dinner over at Emily and Grant's.  Just when William thought our fun night was over....the smores came out!  He had a blast....and was a little too into the fire for this mama.  haha.

Looking back at these pictures makes me so happy!!  There is definitely a reason for taking a million pictures every month.  :)

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