Monday, December 7, 2015

Halloween Fun

We had a super fun month celebrating fall and Halloween!  Here are a few of my favorite pictures.

Silly skeleton | Her crying makes him a little nervous | In their orange PJs
Super man and his little lady | My little pumpkins | Trick or treating FUN!
Lovin' on his baby sister | Superman! | Our family of four

We spent our Halloween trick or treating with William's friends from "town".  Teddy's mama (and my sorority sister) does a fabulous job hosting a pre-trick or treating party!  We always have the best night with this crew.  This year was by far the most fun.  The kids finally understand what is going on and were so much fun to watch!  Before walking up to one of the houses William told me it was "spooky" {in a super spooookyyy voice}.  That kid sure does keep me laughing!

The day before Halloween we made a visit to the zoo with Mimi for Zoo Boo!  As always, William had a blast!  The elephants were still #1 on his list followed by the fish, the carousel, the lion and the black bears who were eating pumpkins.  We even fit some pumpkin decorating and pizza eating in between all of that!

I'd say this was our most successful Halloween yet!  The only thing that could make next year better would be temperatures below 90 degrees was HOT this year.  I will admit, I'm pretty excited about dressing baby girl up next year!

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