Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Houston Texans Game

I'll admit that I was raised a Dallas Cowboy fan, and a part of me will always like them the best.  With that being said, after living in Houston for 10+ years I have really grown to love "our teams"!  And come on, who doesn't LOVE J.J. Watt?!?!?  Just seeing him out there, in all his cuteness, is worth watching the Texans.

So, a few weeks ago we made our way into town to watch some football!  Our original plan was to take William to the game and make it a family affair....long story short, he ended up having a fun afternoon with his Uncle G and Aunt Em while we had some adult time (with baby girl).  Anna Grace had a great time at her first professional game.  She made things super easy, being a good girl, and being in a suite we were able to bring in her stroller and all the baby stuff we needed.

It's a #suite life
I think baby girl brought the Texans good luck!  They won this game and haven't lost a game since.  :)  Sometimes it's hard to make ourselves do these kind of fun things, but it's always well worth the time and energy it takes.  We had a fun day with some great friends.

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