Monday, November 9, 2015

The First 2 Weeks With Anna Grace

I hate that I've waited so long to write this post.  With the lack of sleep and our normal busy life it's kinda hard to remember all the details.  :(  At least I have the pictures to help remind me!  Here's a little overview of our first couple of weeks at home with the newest little Gooding.

The first week at home was a little hectic because we spent a lot of time at the hospital.  I mentioned in a previous post that Anna Grace had a critically high bili level.  This was due to her Direct Coombs being positive.  Gordon's blood type is A+ and I am O+.  Baby girl is A+ like her daddy.  The direct coombs test was done at birth and it came back positive.  Basically, her body was breaking down RBCs which makes your bilirubin increase.  We were discharged from the hospital on Sunday and had to follow up with our pediatrician on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.  When we weren't at the doctor we were staying busy with all of William's activities and trying to get some nap time in!  Having my parents in town that first week was a great help.  Having help with our little William was much needed.  Although, he has loved Anna Grace from day one there were a lot of breakdowns during that first month.  We've tried our best to keep our routines the same, but obviously he's had to learn to adjust to a few new things.  :)

Here were her numbers from the first week of doctor appointments.

Monday:  Wgt = 6 lbs 5 oz  Bili = 11
Tuesday:  Wgt = 6 lbs 5.9 oz  Bili = 14.3
Wednesday:  Wgt = 6 lbs 5.6 oz  Bili = 15
Friday: Wgt = 6 lbs 8 oz  Bili = 13.2

I was a little worried that they'd end up admitting her on Friday.  But, luckily, her bili level finally started going down.

Our 2nd week at home we started getting into the swing of things....just the four of us!  William goes to school 3 days a week and the other two days the three of us hang out together.  Baby girl didn't have to go back to the doctor until that Thursday.  She weighed in at 6lbs 13oz (right over birth weight) and they didn't have to recheck her bili since she didn't look nearly as jaundice.  YIPPEEE!

Here is what a day usually looked like around that time....8am breastfeed, 10am pump and feed bottle (usually 2oz), 1pm breastfeed, 3pm breastfeed, 5pm pump and feed bottle, 7pm bottle or breastfeed, 8pm breastfeed, 9pm pump and feed bottle, 1am breastfeed, and 5 am pump and give bottle.
Before I had Anna Grace I wondered if I'd produce enough milk for her, if she'd do well breastfeeding, if she'd hate the bottle.  Well, now I know!  She has been a super great baby.  She will nurse, take a bottle and likes a paci.  Just as I did with William, I make more milk than baby girl can eat.  So, I pump 4 times a day and breastfeed in between.  Anna Grace is definitely my daughter, she is predictable and stays on a good schedule!
While I'm on the subject of what William's been up to.  Tuesday evening soccer practice, Wednesday Little Gym, Thursday morning soccer at school, Thursday evening swim class, and Saturday soccer games.  We have been busy!  Thank goodness for newborn sleepiness.  :)

We've been busy but things have been great.  Anna Grace is the sweetest little baby and I can't say how wonderful it's been to not be stuck in the NICU.  It's been a breeze compared to our experience with William.  So, big thanks to my fabulous doctor for helping us keep this little angel in for 39 weeks.  We have felt so blessed to be at home together, as a family. since she's was born.

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