Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Look Alikes

Before Anna Grace was born I was so, so excited to see what she'd look like!  Would she have any hair, what color eyes would she have, would she look at all like her brother or the exact opposite?!?!  By the time she was one week old we could tell she and William favored each other in many ways.  They both have small features.  Little button noses, little chins and similar mouths.  You can't tell in these pictures, but she has a smaller head than he did.  (you have to remember William was not even 5 lbs when he came home from the hospital at 4 weeks old!)  I think William's eyes are bigger and as of now his are bluer.  Anna Grace does have some pretty blue eyes like the men in her life......hopefully they are here to stay!  

Here are a few pictures of my little munchkins.  :)
William at 5 weeks old and Anna Grace around 2 weeks old
William at 2 months old and Anna Grace 1 month old

Both of these sweet babies love their hands!  They both love to grab my hair and when they aren't swaddled immediately put their hands by their faces.  Over the years, it will be interesting to see what similarities and differences they have!

Exactly alike or completely different, I love them both like crazy!

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