Thursday, January 28, 2016

Texas Tech Bowl Game

This was the first year, in a while, that we didn't make it to LBK to watch our Red Raiders play football.  When we found out they were playing in a bowl game here in Houston we knew we had to go!  This was going to be one of our first nights out (for a long period of time) without either of our babies.  Unfortunately, our babysitter got sick the day of the game.  We were able to find someone to watch William but had to bring baby girl.  Luckily, she did awesome and slept 90% of the time.    

{Isn't she the cutest little Wreck 'Em Tech fan!} {With my honey} {Baby girl's first Tech game} {Sleeping Beauty} {Game Day!} {Don't know what we'd do without this baby carrier}

We didn't win the game, but we had fun and got to catch up with some friends.  The game didn't start until super late at night (anything past 9pm is late for this mama), so we didn't get home until midnight!  Thankfully, Gordon and I didn't have to work the next day.  :)

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