Wednesday, July 11, 2012

First time to Texarkana

Thursday evening we loaded up the car and headed to Texarkana for William's first time!  Gordon was a groomsman in one of his high school buddies weddings so we figured it would be easier to travel at night on Thursday instead of rushing to get there on Friday in time for the rehearsal.  Little William got to meet lots of new people over the weekend!!!

Meeting Wilma for the first time.  Wilma has known Gordon since the day he was brought home from the hospital 30 years ago!

His uncle Brandon got to meet him for the first time too!

Mommy and Daddy ready for some wedding fun.

Grandad Gooding had met William right after he was born but this was the first time he held him.  The weekend that the Gooding's first met William he was in the incubator and under the bili lights.  The days he was on the bili lights I only got to hold him for a total of an hour a day.  :(  I sure am glad to have those days behind us!

Sweet Eden loved William! 

Gordon and Brandon with their baby boys!  I look forward to the day when William and Wyatt can play together. 


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