Friday, July 6, 2012

Flashback Friday #3

Week 14 & 15 (December 11-24)

Mood- I was so ready to feel baby kick!  It still seemed unreal that I was pregnant even though my body was clearly changing!  I was excited for Christmas, busy getting ready for the gender reveal party and mailing out Christmas cards. 
How my body feels- The nausea after breakfast was starting to get better and I didn't wake up starving to death anymore.  I was still fitting in all my normal clothes but my waist line was quickly expanding.  I went ahead and bought a belly band which I used until the end of February.  I got a little bit of a cold before Christmas but nothing that lasted long.
Cravings- I officially gave up on my morning yogurt.  It just didn't taste good anymore.  Even chicken wasn't the same.  I still craved cheese like crazy and Chinese food! 
Weight gain-  At my doctors appointment on December 19th I had gained 4 pounds.
Dreams-  I dreamed that I could feel the baby move.  I woke up so happy!
Important things this week- Doctor appointment: baby heart rate = 150.
On December 23rd I felt William move for the first time!!!  I remember it like it was yesterday...I had just left work....excited about a little Christmas break....I got into my car and buckled up and that's when it happened.  I literally stopped what I was doing and thought OMG he/she just moved.  I didn't think I'd know or recognize when it happened but I did!  It was like something was tapping me from the inside.  When Gordon asked what it was like I remember telling him that the word "quickening" described it perfectly.  I always wondered why that word was used to describe the babies first movements.  Once I felt it for myself it all of a sudden made perfect sense.  After that anytime I was in the car or sitting still on the couch I had my hand on my belly....waiting for him to move again.  :)
   Christmas in Texarkana was nice and relaxing.  It rained most of the time so Gordon couldn't go out to the farm to hunt.  Instead, we did lots of laying around and on Christmas Eve we went to see Sherlock Holmes before going to church with Jackie and Bill. 

Around this time is when the addiction to Chopped and Iron Chef started!  The next Iron Chef had just ended that week and MY GUY won!!  Gordon and I each picked who we thought would win during the first show and my guy, Geoffrey Zakarian, won.  I'm pointing at him in the picture below.  :)  Gordon surprised me with this cookbook.  The best was signed by Geoffrey himself.  I started crying when I opened it.  Gordon says I'm crazy....I'm sure part of it was pregnancy hormones....I was so excited about this silly little cookbook.  I loved it more than the diaper bag or Kate Spade wallet he gave me....probably because it's something we enjoy doing together AND it shows how thoughtful of a husband he is.  Like I've said's the little things.  I am so blessed to have such a great relationship with my hubby.  He's my best friend and I love that he knows me OH SO WELL! 

Good job Daddy!  LOVE the diaper bag.

2011 Christmas card


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