Monday, September 23, 2013

Rosemary Beach Part 1

This post is WAY past due but on a trip like this I take hundreds of pictures.  It is so hard to choose which ones to post!
Anyways, moving the end of July we headed to Florida for the 3rd annual Gooding family Vacation!  We love, love, love 30A and in my opinion there's nothing better than Rosemary Beach if you're looking for a family beach vacation.

Here are a few of the reasons we love going:
  • Super easy to get to (not even a 2 hour flight from Houston to Panama City)
  • It's family friendly
  • Fabulous restaurants 
  • Easy going with laid back and friendly people
  • Best of all, you can ride your bike everywhere!  Getting in and out of the car with a little one can be tiring so I love it when we can avoid car rides! 
Our first stop after landing is usually the bike shop (after fish tacos at George's of course).  This year little William even got to join in on the fun.  He got a buggy!!

We spent lots of time on the beach and by our rental house's pool.  I took advantage of the pool while baby boy napped.  :) You can't beat getting some sun and reading a good book.  Luckily, William loved the sand!  The only problem was he wanted to EAT the sand.  He thought it was hilarious.  Yuck.  When the sand eating would start to get out of control we'd take him into the water.   He loved splashing into the waves and had a permanent smile on his face when he was out there with Gordon.  Once he was wet and sticky he didn't last much longer on the beach so we'd take him up to the house and let him play in the kiddy pool.  He loved spraying people's feet off with the water hose!  Such a boy.  A water hose, power cords and other appliances he shouldn't touch could keep him entertained for hours.    

If we weren't on the beach we were probably eating.  Gordon and I had a couple of dates, we had several dinners at home, a little Bachelorette watching (another annual tradition. haha. the boys love this one) and a grown ups night out.  In RB part 2 I'll have more details.  :)

  • HI beach!
  • The boys frying some fish
  • Sharing with uncle Grant
  • Picking the boys up from their deep sea fishing trip in Destin
  • Being silly before dinner
  • Practicing walking with aunt Ash
Stay tuned for more fun in the sun....Rosemary Beach Part 2!


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