Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Surgery Update

In this post I mentioned I was having surgery to try and fix my uterus.  Not many people knew I was planning to have this procedure done.  Only Gordon, my parents, work and daycare knew.  I'd had a lot of anxiety about the entire situation so we figured it was better to keep to ourselves.  I still feel anxious about my body/pregnancy/uterus, but if this post can help someone else out I'm happy.  :)   
After I had William my doctor said we'd take a look at my uterus at my next annual checkup (since I didn't plan on getting pregnant anytime soon).  So, in June he took a look and confirmed that I had a bicornuate uterus which may or may not be fixable.  It all depended on if the separation in my uterus was caused by a piece of tissue or if it was the honest shape of my uterus. 
I had a second opinion with a fertility specialist here in Houston who agreed that there was a 80% chance I had a septum (tissue).  So, a little over 2 weeks ago I had the procedure done so we could tell once and for all what was going on.  My parents came into town to watch William and to help with anything else we might need.  The day before surgery I couldn't eat after lunch and had to do a fun bowel prep.  Good times. 

IV in....

Ready To Go!
On the way to the hospital on Friday morning I made sure Gordon knew what all my dying wishes were.  Dramatic?  Probably.  You can never be too sure of anything in my opinion.  I made sure to tell the doctors to not let me die....I told them Gordon would never feed William organically.  HAHA.  I may or may not have had some happy medicine.  :) 

When I woke up I immediately asked the nurse what time it was.  I guess I needed to know how long I "was out".  The procedure took longer than they expected.  It was already noon when I woke up!  I worried that G was worried.  Luckily, they immediately asked me if I wanted my husband to come join me in recovery.  YES please. :) 

Seeing these guys made my day!

G says I asked him the same question 100 times until I was fully awake.  I kept asking him if they were able to "fix me".  He said he just kept repeating the answers and showing me all the picture my doctor had given him (they are a bit graphic so I'll spare everyone those details).  My doctor found that it was a septum.  The septum basically separated my uterus into two halves.  They lasered/cut that tissue back some of the way.  They were able to open up lots more room, but they didn't cut the septum all the way.  The septum was more significant than they expected and they didn't want to risk putting a hole in the top of my uterus.  

Recovery wasn't too bad.  Since I had a hysteroscopy and laparoscopic (thru belly) I felt sore for several days and had bad back pain.  The worst part was not being able to pick up William.  It really is virtually impossible.  Having my parents here was great and Gordon had to do some extra picking up at daycare that first week.  We got to spent some time with the Wilson's one afternoon too.  Alison and Parker helped me with the little buddy since I couldn't pick him up and Gordon was at work.  William had a blast!

This is what happens when mom is out of commission.
I went back a week after the procedure to have another hysteroscopy so Dr. Z could see if the tissue was re-adhearing.  It was some, so he scraped it apart and put me on a high dose estrogen birth control pill to help thicken the lining of my uterus.  While they were doing this second hysteroscopy they put saline into my uterus to expand it so they could visualize the area better (I guess instead of using gas).  After he was done he told me that my cervix is abnormal.   This was pretty disappointing to hear since we were beginning to think we had fixed problem.  Dr. Z  said if I ever have another pregnancy I will have a cervical cerclage done around 12 weeks and will be monitored very closely so they know exactly where the baby is positioned. 
So, even though the septum could have been the reason for William's Intrauterine Growth Restriction my "incompetent cervix" probably is the main reason for it shortening at 29 weeks and in the long run delivering early.
To be honest, I have a lot of anxiety about it all....but it's not something I can worry about right now.  It's in God's hands.  If Gordon and I find out we have been blessed enough to be expecting a second baby we can face our fears then.  For now I'm just grateful that everything went well.  That my doctor knows more about what's going on with my body.  Knowledge is power and I feel like we know SO much more now.  All I can do is trust that God has a plan for my little family.  Like I've said in other posts.....we are lucky to just have William.  There could be much much worse.  Every baby is a miracle.  That I got pregnant so quickly with my "funny" shaped uterus and carried him as long as I did with my incompetent cervix is an even bigger miracle.  :)  So, all we can be is thankful.

While I was at the TCH Women's Pavilion I swung by the Bella Luna Boutique.  They hadn't opened yet when William was born. :(  I'm so sad they hadn't because they have the best stuff ever!!!  Not only do they have the normal bibs, pacis, cards and clothes....but they also have everything a pumping/breast feeding mother could ever need AND they have preemie clothes!!  I was so happy to see everything they had (because we had nothing for little William when he was born).  The day they told us William could finally wear clothes I was 100% unprepared.  So, he wore NB onesies that were ginormous on him.  Oh well.  That was the least of our worries.

Preemie Clothes

These little shirts from Itty Bitty Baby are beyond perfect.  Not only would they actually fit but you would have easy access to all their "cords" (EKG leads etc).  It's funny what can make a mom of a preemie smile.  I put my "tall" coffee cup next to the shirt so you could see just how small they are.  Here's a website with some preemie outfits if you know someone in need!

I've read other blogs about women with septums and they gave me encouragement.  So, I really hope this post helps someone too!


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