Thursday, May 15, 2014

Beach Attire

Can you tell I'm getting excited about our upcoming vacation to the BEACH?!?!  I wish I could buy new bathing suits and a new outfit for every day that we spend at the beach!  Obviously, Mr. G wouldn't approve of that.  But, a couple of new items to mix and match with things I already have will work just fine.  :)
I like to browse the internet before I head to the stores to actually shop.  This helps give me a better idea of what I like and what to keep my eye open for.  Being in such a large city there is lots to choose from!  I would love to just buy everything online but I have an un-proportional body...especially when it comes to bathing suit shopping (it's even worse since having a baby and nursing for 18 months).

Anyways, back to the beach clothes that I've been eyeing....

1- I love this bathing suit from Free People.  The bandeau top is perfect for a smaller busted person and I love the colors and floral print! 
2- Adore this outfit from Banana Republic.  So classy.  If I didn't have a toddler, that can make a hot mess in a matter of minutes, I'd probably already have it in my closet.  The straw bag would be a perfect beach accessory and my new Kendra Scott tassle necklace would add the perfect pop of color for summer time. 
3- Airy blouse + white jeans = perfect combo for a date night on the beach!
4- I've always been a lover of cover ups....that love has quadrupled since having a kid.  Sometimes less skin is better!  I don't know about your kids but mine is always grabbing at me and pulling on my clothes.  Having a light coverup on while playing in the sand is the way to go (you don't end up flashing everyone, you stay cool and you still get some sun).
5- I'm not a huge hat wearer but this one from Anthropologie is super cute!!  Great way to protect that sensitive skin on your face (think wrinkle and cancer prevention) and look good while you're doing it.
6- Love these Edgewood wedge sandals from Anthropologie.  The coral and cork go great together.  They'd look fabulous with the bathing suit, coverup and even outfit #2.  I may just have to purchase these!  It'd be $65 well spent.        

Happy summer shopping everyone!  What's on your wish list?!?!?

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