Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Beach is in Our Near Future

Our next annual beach trip with the Gooding family is right around the corner!!  So, I figured I should finally post the beach pictures we had taken last July.  The files for each of these pictures is huge....for whichever reason they look a little blurry and the colors look blah since I uploaded them on the blog?!?!  Who knows.  It's better than nothing.  :) 
I LOVE these pictures.  Great memories and a few of them really captured William's silly personality.  The photographer we used was sweet but it took her nearly 4 months to get me the digital files and 10 months for the actual prints that we ordered.  She did a good job but I wouldn't use her again.   

Daddy's Little Buddy
The Gooding Guys
2013 Christmas Card

Sweet Baby Toes
The Goodings ~ July 2013
Silly Little Guy!
15 months old
Happy Baby Boy
I can't believe these pictures were taken nearly a year ago!  Time needs to slow down.  I can hardly wait to sink my toes into the sand in a few weeks!!  I'm even more excited to see how William does this year (and to get some sun on this body).  We are going to have a blast.  :)

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