Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mommy's Day

Today is the third Mommy's Day that William, Gordon and I have celebrated together!  Having a child of your own gives you a whole new appreciation of what a parent's job really is like.  It's the best job there is.  Hands down.  It can also be the most terrifying.  You are after all responsible for another humans well being, their future, their safety, building their morals, etc, etc, etc.....

 He makes me better.  He makes my heart smile every single day.  One of the greatest gifts Gordon could have ever given me was a child.  I'm thankful that God chose William to be mine.  He's full of energy and brings so much happiness into our home.  I love seeing his little shoes sitting on the stair case at the end of the day and picking up all his trucks that are scattered about.  Our home wouldn't be complete without him.  Every minute is a blessing.  Being in the profession I'm in makes me even more aware of that.  

Thanks to my own mom (and dad) for being so fabulous.  I didn't really appreciate my parents greatness until I was a parent myself!  

Can you believe how big he is now?!?!?!  I sure can't.  We had a great day today.  We started our morning off at church and then headed into town.  We went to one of our old favorites...Memorial Park!  Yummy burger, milkshake and a walk around the park.  This momma even got a nap later in the day thanks to daddy.  Let's be honest, there's no better gift than sleep!  :)
Happy Mommy's Day to everyone!!!


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