Thursday, May 8, 2014

Champagne Anyone?

This past weekend we celebrated my best friend's 30th birthday!  Months ago her sister and husband asked if I'd help with her surprise party.  DUH, of course I will!  I dream about being a party planner so this was right up my alley.  Thankfully, my momma came into town to help get things with our little buddy.  He's become our #1 clinger so having her in town was awesome.
By the time Saturday night rolled around Alison knew we were all up to something but she had no idea everyone would be at my house waiting for her.  We had the best night "Drinking Champagne And Dancing On The Tables!"

With the Birthday Girl

My Meggo even made it into town!

Lindsey and Lindsey
I had so much fun getting everything together for the dessert/mimosa bar table!  We had orange, white grape and grapefruit juice to add to the champagne.  YUM!

  • Mini cupcakes and banner made by yours truly (cookies by a local lady!). 
  • Napkins from Swoozies
  • Table runners from Michaels
  • The picture station gold ribbon came from Party City and I made the banner (I know it looks small here but I wanted to be able to see it when we were standing in front for pics)
  • Photo props bought off Etsy but would be super easy to make!

College Roomies = Fabulous Night 

My Nursing Buddies!

I'm so blessed to have such great friends!  These ladies mean the world to me.  They have been through some of the best and worst times of my life with me.  They have loved me for me over the last 14 years!  I'm so happy that my mom was able to be there with us.  Just one more fabulous night to add to our list.  :)


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