Thursday, September 17, 2015

37 weeks pregnant with Anna Grace

How far along? 37 weeks (September 4th- September 10th)  
Weight gain:  Gained 1 pounds in 1 weeks  (up a total of 29 lbs)
Energy: No complaints.            
Best moment this week: Super excited (and anxious) about getting the cerclage out!  It was nice having a 3 day weekend at home with my boys!  
Movement:  Still mostly at night.  
Food cravings:  I have an unhealthy addiction to candy corn.  Stupid Halloween candy!        
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope        
Miss anything?  I'm getting pretty excited about getting to wear my normal clothes again.  Obviously, it won't be right away but at least it gives me something to work for during maternity leave.     
Stretch Marks?  Nope.    
Wedding rings on or off? Wedding band only.      
Happy or Moody? Excited to think she'll be coming soon.  On the day of the cerclage remove I was a bit anxious.         
Other pregnancy symptoms: I'm not much of a believer of "pregnancy brain".  With that being said I started to doubt myself this week.  On swim day I forgot William's swim bag.  We came all the way home, got changed for swim and made it there in time just for me to realize I didn't bring a towel or a change of clothes to change William into after swim class.    
From the doctor:  I saw Dr. Zepeta on Tuesday, September 8th.  This is the day he took both of the stitches out.  It was pretty unpleasant but I was glad to have them out.  Doctor said labor could come at any time.  Most people go 1-2 weeks.  Afterwards, Gordon and I had a lunch date and then I saw the MFM doctor.  They measured baby girl again.  She was around the 23% and they estimated her to weigh 6 pounds.  Amniotic fluid still looks good.  

Since having the stitches removed I've been loving going on walks with William.  For so long I was told to take it easy, not to exercise and to stay off my feet when at home.  I was terrified of going into labor with the stitches it.  Ripping and bleeding just sounded awful.  The walks bring on lots of contractions but unfortunately nothing that lasts.


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