Sunday, September 6, 2015

36 weeks pregnant with Anna Grace

I can hardly believe I made it this far!  36 weeks has always been Gordon's goal (for both William and Anna Grace).  We actually made it to this one.  :)

How far along? 36 weeks (Augusts 28th - September 3rd)  
Weight gain:  Gained 1 pounds in 1 weeks  (up a total of 28 lbs)
Energy: I'm tired, but this is due to waking up so often at night.  I go to bed by 10 and I'm up for the day between 5 and 6am.          
Best moment this week: Got to see all of Gordon's side of the family over the weekend.    
Movement:  I've said it a thousand times.  I. Can. Not. Wait. For. This. Stitch. To. Come. Out.  Everytime baby girl moves she presses on the stitch.  The bigger she has gotten, the more uncomfortable it has become.  I talked to a women the other day that had a cerclage as well.  She said she felt so much better after the stitch was more weird stuff down there.  September 8th can't get here fast enough.  
Food cravings:  Chinese food.  Fried rice sounds amazing!  I guess it's a good thing Gordon doesn't like Chinese food.  Otherwise, I would have had it for dinner every night!        
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope        
Miss anything?  Not having heartburn all the time.  :)  I may be exhausted once baby girl gets here, but at least I won't have to deal with the heartburn!  
Stretch Marks?  Fingers are still crossed.  
Wedding rings on or off? Wedding band only.  I've been a lot puffier lately.    
Happy or Moody? Happy and ready.  I wasn't ready for William to come.  Gordon and I were terrified in the delivery room.  Was he going to be too small, not able to breath, have long term side effects due to his prematurity, etc, etc.  I can now say I've carried a baby to term and felt ready for her to come out and meet us.  Of course, we will still have anxiety in the delivery will just be a different kind for different reasons.       
Other pregnancy symptoms: On a good note, my back has felt much better over the last 2 weeks!  Just walking up the stairs makes me short of breath. :)  I'm always opening doors into my belly and misjudging how much this belly pokes out.  haha.  This belly is definitely bigger than William's!  Like Dr. Zepeta expected, some of the weight has been taken off the stitches (since her head has gotten bigger).  My hips/pelvis have been able to take on some of this pressure.  My hips do feel more achy....I prefer this to what has been occurring!  
On Tuesday from 2pm-8pm I had pretty regular contractions (10 minutes apart).  They weren't too painful, just uncomfortable.  Gordon kept asking me if she was coming that night.  At one point he said the birthing process was "the scariest thing he'd every gone through".  LOL.  The man cracks me up.  I think he's afraid I'll go into labor during Houston rush hour traffic and he'll have to deliver a baby in the backseat of the car.  
From the doctor:  I saw Dr. Zepeta on Thursday, September 3rd.  Eventhough, he'd told me the stitch could come out on this day he changed his mind since we were going into the holiday weekend and he'd be out of town.  Thankfully, Gordon and I had already decided to wait until Tuesday to have it taken out (since my family would be at the lake and all of our friends would be out of town and unable to help with William if I did go into labor).  Obviously, Dr. Zepeta thinks I'll go into labor fairly quickly after the cerclage is removed.  Time will tell.  Nobody really knows?!?!  He did check me and said she is laying right there on top of the stitch (thus the funny feelings down there).    
Can you tell he's kissing my belly in the last picture?!?!  He loves his Anna Grace.
Even with all of the aches, pains, and sleepless nights I really do enjoy being pregnant.  Feeling her kicking around in there is the neatest thing, uncomfortable at times, but one of the best things in the world!  It is truly amazing what the human body can do.  But, as much as I love this big belly I can not wait to meet this baby girl!  Thinking about what she'll look like and what kind of personality she'll have makes me so excited.  :)

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