Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Today was a big day for William.....it was his first day of school!  I went back to work 8 weeks ago but since William was born so early we didn't feel comfortable sending him to daycare right away.  So, my first week back to work my mom watched him, the next week we were in Florida, 5 weeks with a nanny and the last week Gordon's mom watched him.  We really got lucky and found a fabulous nanny, Adriana, that I'm hoping will be a part of William's life for many years to come.  We considered keeping him home with her longer but a) it costs an arm and a leg b) I think daycare is good for kids.  William's daycare is in a Methodist church that is on both mine and Gordon's way to work and is only 5-10 minutes from our house.  Though it was nice coming home from work and having him here I'm excited for him to make some friends, learn to share (when he's older) and get to know people other than just us/family.  The nanny had really fallen in love with William so I've promised her (and myself) that we'd call her once a month so this mommy and daddy can have date night!!! 

Bottles labeled and ready for the big day!

We had meet the teacher last Wednesday and really liked Ms. Melissa.  There are 3 other babies in William's classroom (2 boys and 1 girl).  I was a Kappa at Tech with one of the little boy's mom!  Small world.  I think W and Teddy will be good friends one day! 

This morning Gordon and I took William to school together but from here on out Gordon will drop him off and I'll pick him up.  Here we are getting ready to head out the door.....W and I had been up since 5:30am.  We are still looking a little sleepy at 7:15.

William got an excellent report from his teacher today.  She said he did great!!  He took two 30 minute naps and a 2 hour nap at lunch.  I was kinda worried that he wouldn't sleep at all with all the other babies around.  He tends to want to stay awake when there are lots of people around.  I was glad to hear he did so well!!  Since we've been home he's been a tired little boy.  He ate, slept, took a quick bath, ate some more and was right back to sleep.  I can't wait to cuddle with him on my day off tomorrow.  :)

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