Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Melt My Heart

Saying goodbye to our sweet baby boy 4 mornings a week isn't always fun.  Yes, I'd like to eventually work part time....but there are days like today that make me remember why I love doing what I do!  We sure do have some sweet little boys coming into our clinic these days.  Here are a few things I've heard over the past couple days that keep me going....
  • I don't want these cancer bugs in me! 
  • Mom, after we get done with this needle poke can we go home and have no more problems?
  • Ms. Lindsey, will you please count to three?
  • I don't want a band aid because I'm a big boy!
Love every minute.  Just want to hug their little necks forever! 

Here's a sweet picture of our baby boy that melts my heart....

Holding onto daddy's ring
....Here's a photo of life as we now know it (at least during the weekdays after leaving town over the weekend...if you know me you know I hate a mess!).  Living the good life!  You do what you have to do.  :)

Bottles, bottles and more bottles


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