Friday, April 22, 2016

A New Year

We said goodbye to 2015 with a super fun night at home, just the four of us.  2015 was such an awesome year.  It was the year we found out we were pregnant and going to have a baby girl, William turned 3, we had the best trip to the beach since we had William, we celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary on the same day we welcomed Anna Grace into the world, William saw snow for the first time, and we became a family of four!  It was an awesome year that will be hard to beat.    

We spent New Year's Eve cooking a yummy steak dinner and doing fireworks in the front yard.  William had the best time!  The fireworks were such a hit that we had some friends over the next night to do more.  I've never heard William say "again" so many times.
I pray that 2016 holds as many specials moments as 2015 did!

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