Thursday, November 3, 2016

ONE year old!

Oh my goodness.  ONE!  I just can't even believe how fast the time has gone.  Right before this little cutie pie turned one she said BYE BYE to her fashion accessory, the pink helmet.  To be honest, I kinda missed it at first.  She just looked so cute with it on!  But, I'm super happy to be able to kiss on that head again.    

Weight:  20 lbs 2 oz (54th percentile)
Height: 29.8 inches (71st percentile)
Head: 43 cm (7th percentile...the highest it's ever been!)  
Eating:  Around her first birthday we started trying to cut out one bottle a day (4 instead of 5).  She does great at home but has a harder time at school.  At home she has a bottle when she wakes up, before nap (around noon), 4pm and 8pm before bed.  Right after her birthday we introduced cows milk to baby girl.  We started with her bottles being 4 oz breast milk and 2 oz cow milk.  She did great and hasn't seemed to notice/mind.  We are now doing half breast milk and half cow milk.  Anna Grace's solid food eating has really taken off.  One day she decided she was ready and started gobbling food up.  She loves to feed herself!  This girl loves everything she eats.          
Development:  On September 10th our little lady started crawling.  She had been working so hard at physical therapy, so this was super exciting.  Once she got the hang of it she was off....and hasn't stopped since! We had to answer no to most of the developmental questions at her 1 year check up.  She says mama and dada but not any other words and she isn't pulling herself into the standing position.  BUT, we know that she will get there soon.  
Clothes:  Size 4 diaper and clothes 12-18 months (18 month pajamas fit better)
Sleeping:  I finally gave in and moved Anna Grace to her room right before her first birthday.  I'm happy to say she has done fabulous!  I give her a bottle, rock her for a few minutes, lay her down in her crib and that's it, folks.  Such a good girl. :)  Baby girl goes to be around 8pm and wakes up between 6am-7am.             
Things She Loves:  She loves, loves, loves her baby doll.  She hugs it and pats its back.  When she's not dragging around her baby doll she is tossing a water bottle around or searching for a remote control to play with.  HAHA
Things She Hates:  Having things taken away from her!  She is a bit hard headed and very vocal about what she wants.  Definitely not as laid back as her brother was.         
Mommy Stuff:  Right after Anna Grace's first birthday I stopped pumping.  I was hardly making any milk by that time.  Getting my body to stop making milk after William was challenging, but for whatever reason, with Anna Grace at 10 months my body started slowing down.  That was around the time she started to refuse to nurse.  I guess my body knew she was done.        
Health:  Anna Grace got her first ear infection right before Labor Day.  As I mentioned before, neurosurgery released her from their service a week before her birthday.  Her head still has a flat spot but it is SO much better.  Luckily, most nights she sleeps on her stomach or side and avoids the flat area. I am so so happy to no longer have to drive to the med center for her helmet appointments.  :)

We fall more in love every day with Anna Grace's ever growing personality.  She has some spunk to her that is so fun.  On the other hand, she is such a lover.  Her smile is contagious and can brighten anybody's day.  There is something so strong and resilient about her.  I just know that this little lady is going to do big things.  At the end of every day I'm sad to say goodnight to her because she's just so fun to be around!
Happy birthday to our sweet baby girl.  God knew just what the Gooding house needed when he sent you.  ;)

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