Thursday, May 25, 2017

William is FIVE!

FIVE!!  It doesn't seem possible.  Five years of sweetness from our little guy.  We are so very lucky.  Here is what our little dude has been up to!

Height: 3ft 5.75 inches (27%)  grown almost 2 inches in a year
Weight: 34 lbs 10 oz  (9%) up 2.5 pounds in a year

Eating- I just read back at what William liked at age 4 and it's all exactly the same!  Since he's only in the 9% for weight we give him whole milk and things with "good fat" (avacado, peanut butter).  Going to Chick Fil A is still a special treat for him and getting chips and cheese at a Mexican restaurant.  He also loves restaurants like Shoguns where they cook in front of you.  He'd rather eat chicken than steak, and is still a fan of sandwiches, cherry tomatoes, and watermelon.  He loves to share a coconut sno-cone with me on a hot summer day!  Luckily, he still loves most fruit and all vegetables.  He doesn't like fruit snacks and refuses to try a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  If William had it his way he'd eat pumpkin pie for dessert every night (dark chocolate brownies are a close second)!    
Sleeping-  Again, nothing has really changed in this department.  We usually get William to sleep between 8:30-9 and he's up around 6:30.  As he's gotten older the chances of getting him to lay down longer with you have decreased significantly.  He still randomly wakes up in the middle of the night and sneaks down to our room.  We got a clock for his room to help him know when it's time to come down stairs.  It's helped a little bit.  Nap time is still 12-2.  If he doesn't take a nap he is grumpy and cries about everything (and he still stays up until 8:30).  So happy we got 2 good nappers!  
Development- William has become so independent over the last year!  He is the most helpful little boy.  He puts his dirty clothes in the hamper in the morning and can get himself dressed with little assistance.  The "WHY" stage is in overdrive!  He is so, so curious about everything.  Back in January he started speech class once a week.  I think it's not only helping his speech issues but boosting his confidence.  He played soccer in the fall and tried out t-ball this spring (which he ended up really liking!).  We are thinking about giving Karate a try soon. 
Personality-  William has continued to be a kind, gentle little soul that loves his family.  The love he has for his baby sister is immeasurable!   He kisses and hugs on her all day (and loves to make her laugh during our time in the car).  William still loves going to school but he also really enjoys his time at home with just mama and baby.  He loves telling you stories....that tend to go on and on.  :)  His imagination and creativity still have me in awe (taking after his daddy).   He still really hates when he gets in trouble.  He has very sensitive feelings like his mama.  This was our #1 reason for holding William back from Kindergarten.  Our pediatrician agreed with this plan and said that an extra year of emotional growth is never a bad thing.   You truly can't stay upset with this little boy for long.  He has a heart of gold and wants to make everyone around him happy.                     
Clothing size- Shoes size 9 and 4T (some 5T but he has a skinny little waist)    
Things mommy loves- 
As always, I pretty much love everything about this little guy.  His facial expressions and stories will keep you laughing all day long.  I love that he likes to know what we have planned for the week (just like me).  His memory is crazy good too!  I love his sweet snuggles on the couch and that he still thinks mama is always right.  :)  The other day he looked over at me, out of no where, and said, "Mama, I love you so much."  Those are the moments I'll miss when he's a teenager.        
Mommy stuff- William's life got a little crazy around his 4th birthday due to sister's health issues and our work schedules.  Thanks to the Man upstairs, things have settled down.  I'm working less now and the doctors appointments have decreased significantly.  Everyone's stress level has decreased too!  We are so blessed to have supportive families.  I'm happy to say there are many days that we stay in our pajamas until 10:00 and we've even made friends with the staff at the YMCA (the kids LOVE going to play and I get to exercise again!).  
Things WJG loves-  William's favorite shows right now are probably PJ Mask and the new Puppy show.  Also, anything with super heroes!    
He still loves his popcorn and "movie" before bedtime.  
He loves playing with transformers, playdoh and doing puzzles.  
He also loves playing make believe!   
Things WJG doesn't like-  Going to bed still isn't a favorite activity.  Once you get him in the bed, laying down, reading a book things get easier.  It's just getting him into the bed!  This kid is a procrastinator. Anna Grace goes to bed around 7:15, so after this it's just him...which I'm sure he kinda likes!  He still doesn't like anything spicy to eat and he isn't a fan of things being super noisy (he'll tell you it's hurting his ears).          
Favorite Things To Say-  William still starts singing Twinkle Twinkle when Anna Grace cries. 
William's new favorite song to sing is the "Moana" song.  Makes me laugh every time. 
He tells us "next time" a lot.  "Next time I want to go to the movie." 
He also uses the words "a little bit" often.  "I liked school a little bit today."
"Gentle baby" is also used a lot in our home.  Anna Grace is a bit rough so we are all constantly reminding her to be gentle!
"Wake up again school?!?!"  William will tell you what he's doing every day that week....wake up again school, wake up again no school, wake up again school.....
On Christmas Eve William told us to tell Santa no "hohoho-ing" in his house because it would be too loud.  
"See that circle? (points to Target sign) I wanna go there and get popcorn!"
"I love kisses all day because I love you so much!"
"I'm gonna draw everything in the whole world!"
"I'm fast like a race car."
"I have good news baby, no school today!"
During a tee-ball game William yelled at me, "Mama, is it bath day today?"  :)
We recently drove by a bus barn and William said, "Look at all the buses.  There are 61!"
We were driving on a high overpass and William said, "WOW! You can see the whole world from here." 
Favorite Song: Dirt On My Boots
Favorite Color: Red and Blue (same as last year)
Favorite Shape: Circle and Triangle
Favorite Animal: Cheetah
When He Grows Up He Wants To:  Mow grass.  lol
When asked what his parents do for work:
Daddy- exercises a lot (this cracks me up)
Mama- Helps kids that are sick, gives medicine

The days go too fast.  Every. Single. Day. I'm shocked at what a big boy he is.  God knew that his sweet little soul was just what we needed in our family.  He is perfect in every way to us.  I just wish I could keep him sweet and innocent forever.  ;)  But, since I can't, we will just continue to love on him and prepare him, as best we can, for this crazy thing that we call life.

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