Sunday, October 27, 2013

Red Raider Homecoming

Thirteen years ago Gordon and I attended our first Red Raider Homecoming game.  It was October 2000 and freezing.  I remember it like it was yesterday.  SAE and Kappa had worked on their homecoming float together that year so we'd made lots of buddies over the course of the month long preparation.  G and I went with a group of my Midland friends (who were his new pledge brothers).  Now, thirteen years later we cheered on the Raiders on a warm and sunny Saturday while my grandparents watched our sweet baby boy.  W really loves his grandpa and GG!   
We flew into West Texas on Thursday so we'd have all day Friday to play in Midland.  Gordon went to the deer lease, I had a massage and after dinner with the family G and I hung out with an old friend.  It was a fun filled, relaxing weekend. 

  • Dinner at Cagle's
  • Going on a horse ride
  • The Raiders kept us on our toes the entire game!
  • With his nana and papa
  • Checking things out with Uncle D
  • Night on the town!  Overlooking the stadium :)
  • Back in Midland playing
  • Wreck 'Em Tech (6-0)
Mommy & Daddy time
As always, we had a great weekend!  I love being back in Lubbock and remembering all the fun college times I had.  I can hardly wait to take William to a game later in the season. 


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