Monday, October 21, 2013

We Love Breakfast

This moving stuff is really putting me behind in the blogging world!!  BOO.

I may be behind in that part of my life but overall Gordon and I have tried to keep things as normal as possible for the little guy.  To be honest, staying in a semi routine helps us all!  We even stayed up late on Friday night for date night.  One of my sweet friends is moving to Dubai next month so we went to her going away party and then headed to the movies to see Captain Phillips.  We both really liked it (G says it ended a bit differently in real life).  I cried of course.  I knew what the outcome was since the movie is based on a true story from 2009.  I was so glad the Captain survived but sad about the pirates.  What they did wasn't right but I feel so sad for the life many of those people live over there.  A large part of the hematology department at TCH are sickle cell patients.....and many of these children are from Nigeria and surrounding areas.  They come to America with their parents for medical treatment.  My heart breaks for the parents and children that aren't lucky enough to come here.  But, that's all an entirely different post for another day.  :) 

Back to moving......

One of the things we will miss the most about living "inside the loop" are the restaurants.  Especially our favorite breakfast spots.  Here are a few of our favorites!

Rustika Café- Located off of 59 and Buffalo Speedway.  Gordon and I started coming here when he first moved to Houston in 2008.  A patient of mine at M.D. Anderson recommended Rustika.  They have to die for banana crepes and they make the most beautiful (and yummy) cakes.  Here are a few of the cakes they made for us..... here (30th bday cake), here (gender reveal), here (baptism).

Rustika before church

Barnaby's-  This is our #1 favorite spot.  They have several locations (I'm praying they open one in Katy soon).  We go to the Barnaby's on Shepherd for breakfast and the Galleria location for lunch.  Everyone at Barnaby's knows us.  Even the customers.  They know William's name and he makes sure to wave hi and bye to everyone every weekend.  Thinking about not going every Saturday morning makes me sad.  :(  I love everything on their menu!  Our favorites are the Annie's Burrito, Bob's Healthy Plate, the home fries and the blueberry pancake.  If you're in Houston you must go.  Make sure to get the fresh squeezed OJ too.   
Even the toast at Barnaby's is super yummy!

Backstreet Café- Located in River Oaks off of Shepherd.  This is one of our "before baby" places.  It's in an adorable, cozy house that's shaded by big beautiful trees.  I could sit outside and drink mimosas here ALL. DAY. LONG.  The Lobster Sliders on the Brunch menu are delicious. 
Beck's Prime- Looking for something quick and fun?  Head to the Beck's Prime at Memorial Park! We love grabbing a breakfast taco before going on a walk and/or hitting golf balls.  Baby boy loves watching all the people and running around in the grass.  If you're looking for a good burger this is your place! 
Doesn't get much better than playing with sticks at breakfast

Empire Café-  Off of Westheimer between Shepherd and Montrose.  I love all the outdoor seating they have.  Their specialty eggs benedict is fabulous and they have some of the yummiest French Toast I've ever had. 

Love the cookie your coffee comes with. 

 As you can see, I'm already going into Houston withdraw!!!! 


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