Monday, October 19, 2015

More Catching Up

Here's a little more catching up from August!

When I was 32 weeks preggo Gordon had to leave town, for several days, for work.  This obviously made me really anxious since this is the week I had William.  It didn't help that the week before, when I'd seen Dr. Zepeta, he seemed worried about how low Anna Grace was.  If he said it once, he said it a hundred times.....take it easy, stay off your feet, gravity is not you or baby girl's friend.  So, to help ease my mind, my mom flew into Houston the day that Gordon left town.  Later in the week my dad drove into town to join in on the fun!  William continued with swim class four days a week, he was started on antibiotics for a sinus infection, I helped host a baby shower for a girlfriend and we had some fun dinners out with the family.  Big thanks to Nana for helping out this week.  :)  The Texas heat + big belly + the busy swim schedule (not to mention working 4 days a week) = one tired mama.  Having an extra set of mom hands is always awesome!
Fun carousel ride  |  There's nothing better than a sleeping baby  |  Taking a selfie with Papa  |  He loves a chocolate donut 

We spend a lot of time in the car this week due to lots of trips to the med center.  We took advantage of being in town on Monday afternoon and had a yummy dinner at Punk's.  William got to run around the open court yard area that daddy's company designed.  It may have been 100 degrees outside but that wasn't stopping William.  This was also a snocone kinda week.  I would have gone every day if you'd let me (and William wouldn't have complained either).  We both love a coconut snocone.   
 Dinner in town  |  Playing outside  |  Kisses for Anna Grace  |  Making silly faces  |  Playing a little baseball after our snocone run  |  Pool party for Finley and Kirby  

Nothing too exciting happened this week.  Just our normal life!  Swim classes went down to only twice a week (yippeeee).  We went to another birthday party that weekend and got our weekly pool time in....followed by a snocone of course.  
Yummy coconut snocone  |  Lunch at Zoe's  |  Playing with daddy
This big boy moved up rooms  |  Such a happy little guy |  Laying with the belly (yes, it's lopsided!)

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