Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Our big boy is FOUR

A lot has changed since this little guy turned 3!  He is the best big brother and such a little boy now.  His trucks can be found scattered in every single room and the day isn't over until we get a game of Hulk and Spiderman in.  He makes our days fun!

Height: Almost 40 inches (up 2 inches in 6 months) 37th %
Weight: 32 pounds (exactly the same as 6 months ago) 13th %
Blood Pressure: 94/50
Eating- Not much has changed in this category.  He has gotten a little more opinionated about what he eats.  If he eats something that's spicy he'll tell you it's "hot on me".  He now knows that eggs and hummus make his lips big and itchy.  He reminds us every weekend when we are cooking eggs. :)  His favorite foods are still the same (mac 'n cheese, cheese pizza, chicken nuggets from Chick Fil A, ham/cheese sandwich on Hawaiian bread and chips and cheese from any Mexican food restaurant).  Luckily, he still really loves vegetables!  I'd say green beans are the current favorite (and of course tomatoes).  His favorite fruits are watermelon and blueberries.  For breakfast he loves getting a sausage and cheese kolache from Shipley's.  On Sundays he loves making pancakes!  A "normal" breakfast is usually oatmeal or toast with peanut butter and honey (which he sometimes calls sauce).  
Sleeping-  This is pretty much the same too.  Unfortunately, we usually don't get him to sleep until 9:00 (due to our long work days).  On school days he's up at 6:00.  On the weekends he will lay in bed with us and sleep until 7 or 8.  He still randomly wakes up in the middle of the night and sneaks down to our room.  Nap time is still 12-2 (the day this ends will be a sad day).  He has started to tell us that his room scares him.  I knew that the "scared stage" was coming soon.  His BIG imagination doesn't help us in this situation.  
Development- William started going to what we call ABC school on Saturdays (about 6 months ago).  They are helping him learn the ABCs (sounds, how to write, read etc).  It also gives us something to work with him on every night.  I've noticed that instead of just playing along side other kids he is more interactive.  Every day he's learning something new!  Little gym ended this month, but we have continued with swim class and will put him in soccer and tee ball this fall.  I was feeling a little defeated about his progress in swim class until we went to the beach in May.  The little guy was a fish in the pool at our rental house.  He did such a good job swimming ALL. ON. HIS. OWN.    
Personality- Luckily, the shock of adding a human to our family has gone away.  William no longer screams, "Never!" at us, and the complete melt downs have decreased significantly!  He is still our little lover that is kind and gentle with his sister.  He loves his friends and really looks forward to school.  He has a love for music that makes my heart smile.  When driving in the car he'll tell us, "I like this song, turn up louder!"  He'll also let you know if he doesn't like a song.  :)  He doesn't like getting in trouble (even though he does daily, like you'd expect a toddler to).  He asks me everyday when I pick him up from school if he got a happy face.  It's important to him to make us and others proud (it's hard to ever stay upset with William for too long because you know he has a huge heart).                   
Clothing size- Shoes size 7 or 8 and 4T    
Things mommy loves- 
He amazes me everyday with his love for Anna Grace.  This kid can make me laugh in the saddest times (and this mama has had some worrisome days recently).  His ever growing imagination makes me smile and sometimes even laugh out loud (if you know us, you know about "Sparky" the cleaner/duster at school and William's crazy stories).  I love that when he takes a picture of me and Anna Grace he tells us to make a funny face.  Pretty much, I love everything about this little guy.      
Mommy stuff- William has continued to show patience when I'm doing "baby stuff" (pumping, changing diapers, making Anna Grace's baby food etc).  He has become such a good helper too!   
Things WJG loves-  William doesn't have a favorite show right now.....but has gotten into Tom and Jerry, Miles From Tomorrow Land and The Lion Guard.  
He still loves his popcorn and "movie" before bedtime.  
He loves playing hide and seek!  It's all fun 'n games when mama, daddy and William play together, but when he goes and hides on his own.....not good.  The kid can hide!  
He still loves superheroes.  Hulk is how we get him to eat all his meat at dinner time.    
He loves it when we order pizza, so he can answer the door and get the pizza box from the delivery driver.  :)
He's recently gotten really into his trucks.  He will drive them around the house for hours.  Play-doh is also a new favorite.  
Things WJG doesn't like-  Going to bed still isn't a favorite activity.  Once you get him in the bed, laying down, reading a book things get easier.  It's just getting him into the bed!  This kid would rather PLAY than sleep.  He does not like anything remotely spicy.  He's starting to tell me if he likes or dislikes a song on the radio (this always makes me LOL).        
Favorite Things To Say-  William loves to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to Anna Grace.  Whenever she cries William immediately starts singing this or the ABCs.  William's version of Twinkle Twinkle is "twinkle, twinkle little star upa upa..."
When you tell William something he doesn't like and/or want to do he'll say, "You not my friend no more, mama!"  (in my head I always think, yes sweetie I am not your friend, I am here to be your loving mama and teach you right from wrong!)  William will also throw in there that he's giving me a "sad face" for my mean actions.  LOL.  
When you pick him up at school he will proudly tell you, "I got a happy face!"  
He recently started saying things were weird.  haha.  I think he heard this at school.....William sees a funny looking vegetable: "That's weird, mama"  William hears thunder when he didn't expect to:  "That's weird, mama"
"No school today?"  (He usually asks this when I pick him up at school in the afternoon.  He is actually asking if he has school the next day, but hasn't gotten the today, tomorrow, yesterday things down yet)
William has recently gotten into dancing to "I Like To Move It" from Madagascar.  So cute and funny.  He will tell me, "Sing move it, mama."
William has continued to prove just how observant he is.  He will now impersonate me and the faces I give him (funniest thing I've ever seen!).  
Favorite Color: Red and Blue
Favorite Shape: Octagon
Favorite Animal: Horse and Cow (he really loves all animals)
When asked what his parents do for work:
Daddy- "When I get big, big, big I go to work with daddy and build a house." (a few weeks ago he also said he wanted to pull weeds with Gordon for work.  lol).
Mama- "Mama gives a shot."  

This little guy makes us laugh every single day.  He is such a sweet little boy, that has my heart forever.  Although ever single bit of baby is gone from William, I am loving watching his fun little personality grow.

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