Thursday, August 11, 2016

AGG 10 months old

The picture below pretty much sums up Anna Grace's life....."what the heck is going on with these people".  I'm pretty sure she thinks we are CrAzY!!!  But, let me tell you something, the love that these two kiddos have for each other is unreal.  I couldn't have asked for things to be more perfect between my babies.  Obviously, they won't always adore each other this much.  For now, I'm enjoying every single second of the love, kindness and toy sharing!

42 weeks old

Sweet William now calls Anna Grace his baby.  "Where's my baby"  "Why's my baby crying?"  "Awww, my baby's so cute!"  "It's okay, baby."  "I wanna kiss my baby."  Seriously.  Melt. My. Heart.  

This little love bug has continued to wrap us tighter and tighter around her little finger.  She is such a fighter with the BEST personality.  She could be the poster child for Duck Dynasty's "Happy, Happy, Happy".  She is seriously always smiling and happy!  Here's what our little lady has been up to.

41 weeks old

Weight:  19 pounds (up 3 pounds in 3 months) 
Eating:  Anna Grace still loves to eat.  She is eating food 3 times a day (still pureed) and drinks 5 six ounce bottles a day.  She loves eating puffs and mum mums (William wouldn't touch anything solid until after his first birthday)!  We've tried giving her solid food but she's not quite sure what she thinks.  I don't think she's come across a food she doesn't like.  She recently tried blueberries and apricots.  I'm still making her baby food, so I mix most fruits with a little banana (to help with the tartness).        
Development:  Right around her 10 month birthday two more teeth came in.  Anna Grace now has a total of 6 teeth (4 on top and 2 on bottom).  She can pick up her puffs and put them in her mouth, she is doing excellent sitting up by herself (she started doing this more around 9 months), she isn't crawling but can roll anywhere she needs to go! 
Clothes:  Size 3 diaper and 9-12 month size clothes.  This girl has some long legs (and chubby thighs!).  
Other:  We spent Anna Grace's first 4th of July in Midland.  The week after that she had her parents to herself for the first time ever (while William spent a week in Midland).     
Things She Loves:  Bath time is still her favorite.  This child loves being in water!  She just loves to splash, splash, splash.  Since she's able to sit up better now school is letting her do "splash day" two days a week.  They say she has the best time!  She still sees most toys as just another thing to chew on.  She cracks up laughing when you play peek a boo with her.  She has a stuffed animal giraffe that she really loves.  This girl also loves to jump!  She will stand on your lap and just hop, hop, hop.  The exersaucer has become a favorite too.  I'm pretty sure baby girl would rather go straight to walking and avoid crawling all together....sad for AG this is not what physical therapy wants.   
Things She Hates:  Physical therapy is not on Anna Grace's favorite list.  Since we moved her appointment time to the morning she has done better, but it's still a lot of work for her.  Every day she gets stronger but she has a long road ahead of her.  We are working on getting her into the crawling position and from there back to the sitting position.  Stretching her out and getting her to use her weak side are other areas/things that get worked on as well.
Anna Grace's little personality is really starting to come out.  Baby girl is very vocal about what she does not like.  We call her our little firecracker.  :)  William was always pretty laid back....this little lady has no problem telling us when she wants something done differently!  With that being said, she's still one of the happiest babies I've ever met (just has some spice to her!). 
Mommy Stuff:  Right around AG's 10 month bday my milk production decreased significantly.  I went from making 48 ounces to 18 ounces/day.  Still not sure what in the world happened.  My stress level could play a part in this?!?  Also, around this time Anna Grace stopped nursing (so all I've done is pump 4 times a day).  It's like one day she woke up and decided she just didn't want to do that anymore.  It definitely made this mama sad, but with 6 teeth it was probably for the best.  haha!  I still have my linea negra, but it has nearly faded away.   
Health:  Right after Anna Grace turned 9 months old we had a follow up visit with neurosurgery (who prescribed the helmet).  They re-scanned her head.  They then compare the before and after images and calculate measurements.  We saw great improvement over those 8 weeks, so they asked us to have her continue wearing the helmet for at least 6 more weeks.  Luckily, the helmet doesn't bother Anna Grace one bit.  She is a trooper.  At 9.5 months Anna Grace was admitted to the hospital for 48 hours of EEG observation.  Getting all those probes glued onto her head was NOT fun.  Getting them off wasn't too great either.  But, the in between went really well.  Anna Grace and I just laid around all day playing and staring at each other.  :)  We were in a room that was monitored 24/7 (audio and visual).  Since we were trying to catch her doing one of her "stare off spells" I literally never took my eyes off of her.  Unfortunately, baby girl never had a spell, so we still don't know what is going on.  On a good note she's been having the stare off spells a lot less over the last 3 months and there was no seizure activity found during her 48 hours of monitoring.  

Ready to G-O!
We still don't have many answers about what's going on with this sweet baby girl.  What we do know doesn't really matter.  We will always support her and help her in any way we need to.  No matter how much or little she can do.  She is a happy little baby girl that we all love to the moon and back.  Every day she gets a little stronger and learns something new.  We feel very happy with her progress, and are so grateful to live in a town with a wonderful children's hospital.  

Anna Grace, you are a breath of fresh air.  You make our hearts so happy.  I am forever grateful to The Man upstairs for giving me these TWO precious babies.  They are our world.  #bestillmyheart

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