Monday, August 29, 2016

Anna Grace 8 months old

I forgot to post this 8 month update....better late than never!

Eating:  Anna Grace has continued to be an excellent eater!  Baby girl loves her food. :)  Up until she was 7.5 months old we were giving her food at lunch time and dinner time.  The week we were at the beach we started to do breakfast, lunch and dinner.  She usually nurses when she wakes up around 6 and then has 3 bottles at school and has one more bottle after dinner/before bed.   
Development:  Sometime after Anna Grace turned 7 months old she started rolling over both directions.  She is sitting up a lot better (but not completely on her own).  When she talks she can say dadada and bababa.  This big girl has TWO teeth now!!!  
Other:  At 7.5  months old Anna Grace went to the beach for her first time. She took lots of naps down at the beach and enjoyed our daily bike rides.  
I had to stop swaddling baby girl somewhere around 7 months old.  Her physical therapist said it wasn't recommended with torticollis.  I was sad because it helped her sleep so much better, but she has adjusted well.  
Things She Loves:  Bath time is still her favorite time.  When she hears the water come on she starts kicking and squealing.  She loves splashing in the tub.  She will just laugh and laugh.  Being thrown in the air is still a favorite as well.  Whenever she cries William will sing either Twinkle Twinkle to her or the ABCs.  Singing to her usually calms her right down (William is her favorite!).  Her favorite toy is her keys and she will chew on anything she can get in her mouth.  
Things She Hates:  She is still an easy going baby.  Tummy time is always a struggle and she tends to cry a lot during physical therapy.  But honestly, who can blame her!?!?  Her muscles are tight and all the stretching and exercising they have her do isn't comfortable/hurts.  
From The Doctor:  We haven't seen Anna Grace's PCP since her 6 month check up but we've seen a million other doctors in the last two months.  We have been busy.

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